Saturday, May 30, 2009


It is a gorgeous day today in Ohio! The false indigo is in beautiful bloom ~ the goatsbeard in front of it really makes a pretty garden photo ~ just thought I would share! We're home this weekend ~ so we've been to two little league games already today! Went to one last night and one tomorrow!! That makes seven days in a row at the ballfield!!

For those of you who don't have cottonwood trees ~ this is what it looks like when the cottonwood blooms!!!!! It is blowing everywhere and when it lands, it looks like snowdrifts!! This is out by Sonny's shop and it literally drifts in piles! Amazing! And irritating! It hangs on everything ~ fortunately, it's a short blooming season!

So that's it for today ~ I think I'll head outside to work in the flowers ~ it's never ending here ~ inside and out ~ I never get caught up but do keep plugging away!! I hope there are flowers blooming wherever you are!


Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...I love seeing the photos of your yard. Keeping up with the grandkids at the fun would that be!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ Be thankful you are not at the lake this weekend! The lake flies, midgies, or whatever you want to call them are HORRIBLE. A new, bigger crop arrived today and it is impossible to be outside and do any yard work. They are just swarming. I know they are supposed to be a sign that the lake is healthy, but my house is just covered with them. I suppose when they are done the Canadian soldiers will arrive...sigh ;-)

I do enjoy seeing the pictures of your yard!

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