Thursday, May 7, 2009


Okay ~ this is yesterday's progress and actually some of today! We went to visit friends last night ~ got home at 11:15 ~ I went down and hooked for a while but just couldn't pull another loop. So I took some time today and finished the left quadrant! In my mind, I was going to be done by today ~ but my mind didn't know how busy I was!! I'll hook tonite and hopefully finish tomorrow ~ but I'm happy with the outcome!

I wanted to show you the front of our house with the ornamental trees in bloom ~ I say ornamental because I can't remember if they're weeping cherry or weeping crab apple ~ I'll know more as summer arrives!! The tree on the right, I planted from a seedling from the tree on the left ~ a landscaper friend of mine told me it would grow but would not blossom!!! Little did he know!!!! Honestly, I must have gotten lucky ~ but it's a pretty little tree on it's own ~ the blossoms are a lighter pink ~ and I can see it right from where I'm sitting now ~ so it's a good thing!!!!

That's it for today ~ way behind on office work ~ thank goodness there's office work to do!! I got out to the garden a while this morning ~ no one would even be able to tell what I did ~ it's a jungle out there folks!!!! Have a good day!


jane augenstein said...

Oh, Alice I LOVE your rug!!! I really like the colors you have used, those are colors I love. Great job!!!
OMG your house IS beautiful! The trees blooming in front, I can almost smell them. Like your landscaping, wannta come and do mine? LOL Just kidding.

WoolenSails said...

I love how your rug is coming out, that black background really sets it off. Love your landscaping, wish mine were like that;)


Jacque. said...

Alice...I am lovin' your rug. AND, I love your house! How cool is that...your seedling is a tree! Awesome!

JoJo said...

Alice, your rug is darling. Love the colors you're using. And your ornamental trees are so pretty. Our growing season is ahead of yours and so most of the blossoms on the trees are already gone. All of our other trees (maple and oak) are totally leafed out and we've had so much rain, everything is that beautiful, deep green.

Glad to hear you've got office work to least that means you've got business.

It was too hot to hook here and the temp was still 79 in the house last night at bedtime. Too hot, too early.

Linda said...

Alice your rug is coming along nicely. Great job. I was given a book to read by a fellow rug hooker the name is Prodded Hooking by Gene Shepherd. It also came with a dvd to watch. Your tress are just beautiful as well as your house. I would love to see inside. Looks like a saltbox.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks, girls ~ I'm glad this project is done ~ now, gardening is at the top of the list!! Believe me, what you saw is the pretty part ~ the rest looks like a jungle!!