Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Finally, I did some dying! A customer was coming and mentioned pink wool for a flower rug she was going to do and since I didn't have pink wool and had never really dyed any before, I jumped right on that!! I did two different colors ~ rose antique (kind of dusky) and soft hot pink!! So if either of these appeal to you rug hookers, it's for sale!! When my customer came, our visit ended up with her thinking she wouldn't do that rug right now so she bought a new pattern and the wool for it. It won't have any pink in it but it's going to be a great folk art rug!!

And I have hooked a little on the stair riser rug ~ my progress is kind of slow ~ and I'm not thrilled with the little bits of white ~ I think it's to look like queen anne's lace ~ so there might be a re-hook in those spots ~ it's not trimmed yet but I don't like that choppy look of all those tails ~ I'll wait till it's finished and then figure it out!!!

Today, on Gene Shepherd's blog is a picture of the rug I did for his blog hook-in. It's vastly different than any of the others that have been done ~ he said to make it our own ~ tweak it ~ and tweak, I did!! It is a beautiful rug in person and if you click on "Alice's rugs" under Labels on the left side of this blog, you'll see what I think is a better picture than the one I sent in. Connie Litfin is the designer and I do have some patterns of that particular design and another one with stars in the flower basket, if anyone would like one.

If you check Gene's blog post of May 28, the second picture is Connie's pattern that she hooked and my black background rug with the sparkly wool and paisley's is my rendition of her pattern. It's interesting to me how mine turned out ~ and does make me wonder what goes on in this head of mine! I used to say that my greatest fear was being like everybody else ~ doesn't appear to be any danger of that happening! Someone that I was talking to the other day, mentioned that a hooking group she attended recently seemed very dependent on one person's guidance in how their rugs were hooked, finished and color planned. Both of us agreed that we like to do our own thing ~ use our own ideas ~ step out of the box, so to speak!! I think that is a sign of real creativity ~ when we take chances ~ do what we like! Remember, the rugs we hook are going in our homes and becoming part of our daily scenery ~ they should be something that we really like and speaks to us!! So as you go about hooking your next rug ~ or piecing your next quilt ~ or decorating your home ~ or just living your life ~ do that thing that makes you really happy and sets you apart in this world!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed your visit here today ~ stop by again ~ and have a good rest of the day!


Linda said...

Love the pink wool, and your hooking. Congrats to your rug at Gene S.

softinthehead said...

Hi Alice....I was wondering if you have heard anything from the "From Our Hands" show? I keep emailing but they never answer....Also I need some burnt orange wool got any you want to part with, lol.....Pam

WoolenSails said...

What beautiful shades. I love antique rose in floral rugs.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks, girls!! Pam, regarding the show, no, I haven't heard a thing!! And yes, I've got burnt orange wool ~ I'll send photos!! Thanks for asking!!

Kim said...

Alice I'm lovin' the RED in that stair riser rug! Can't wait to see more progress on that one! Your rug for Gene's challenge looks great!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thank you, Kim ~ the red is one of the vintage paisleys. It is heavier than most and hooks up beautifully!! And thanks for the compliment on my blog rug!

moosecraft said...

The darker pink wool is gorgeous! Love the rug you hooked for the online hook-in! And, you're advice to "do your own thing"! I was thinking for the queen anne's lace... maybe a cream rug yarn, or even some roving. Maybe it will fluff that flowers? I always liked that pattern and hope to hook one myself one day. Anyway's I've been reading your blog for some time now... love Sonny's spoons (wouldn't mind owning a set myself) and your floor frames are gorgeous!!! I'll be hoping to purchase one sometime during this year! :-)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Moosecraft ~ thanks for your suggestions to use yarn or roving ~ I had been thinking along those lines, too ~ something that will look a little more refined. You could be the proud owner of one of Sonny's wood creations ~ if he ever puts a price on them, I'll sure let you know!! Do you have a blog?

ShabbySheep said...

I've been in the dye pots too! Must be the time of year!?!?!
And I love your stair runner With the white "spots" I do think it looks like Queen Anne's Lace.
Maybe you'll see it better when it's trimmed.
And great job on the G.S. blog rug you did. It is really different and prim. Love it.

moosecraft said...

Thank you Alice! No blog yet... but soon! I send you a note when I do... :-)

Gayle said...

Did you design the rug for the stair riser? I'm wanting to make six of them myself, but am having a really hard time deciding on a design.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

OKay, Moosecraft ~ I'll await your blog ~ do it ~ it's fun!!
No, Gayle, I didn't design the riser. Cindy Gay is the designer thru Spruce Ridge Studios.
I, too, want to do them for the stairs up out of my studio and this will be the first one!! My thought is to design what speaks to me ~ I don't think they all need to be flowers ~ each one can be different but maybe tied in with a similar color story. My friend reminded me that when we were in England, that Heather Ritchie's were all different designs of many different colors and it was quite charming!! Maybe the lesson is not to overthink it!!
Good luck!