Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Saturday, January 28, 2012


 Another snow day!!  Yesterday, I posted a picture just like this on Facebook ~ then,  the snow melted all gone ~ and this morning, we awoke to this again!!  It is very pretty ~ a Winter Wonderland! My friend, Cathy, suggested that it would make a great Christmas card with a little shot of color added to it ~ she is absolutely right!

 Sonny made another driftwood tree up at the lake ~ first one went to friend Margo ~ the second one, to her daughter, Lynne.  They do so many nice things for us ~ and entertain us so beautifully throughout the year.   They both love all things beach related, so we know she'll love this, too! Maybe, the next one will be ours!
 ULU ~ have you ever  heard of an Ulu?  It is this chopping blade ~ made in Alaska ~ the handle is some animal's antler!  Son Chris, gave this to Sonny while we were in Seattle ~ we both LOVE it!  It chops like a dream and came with it's own rounded out chopping block!  I chopped my little heart out the other day to make vegetable soup ~ it made enough to feed an army  ~ nice for the freezer for upcoming cold nights!
This is Seattle grandson, Hunter!  His parents had this cut-out stand-up picture made for me for Christmas and I just love it! He stands on the desk so I can see him every day!

The two desk tops are finally cleaned off and organized ~ woo hoo!  I rarely work at a neat desk ~ kind of weird not to be searching thru piles of paperwork!! I really do know where everything is, though ~ and now most of it's where it should be ~ that's even weirder!!  I have to go thru the files now and pull out things from prior to 2005 and have Luke shred them ~ he likes that job!  That will make room for last year's paper work and then, voila!  The office will be in order!!

Last night, we went out for dinner with Cliff and Margo (she bought Sonny a birthday cake for dessert at their home).  Tonite, we're entertaining grandson Luke while his dad and Luci go to the father/daughter dance.    Have a good weekend whatever you do!!  Stay warm!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 This lunch date was actually last year ~ it takes me a long time to post ~ better late than never!!  This is the home of our friends, Pat and Chuck Knapp ~ long time collectors and antique dealers.  Everything in their house is either primitive antiques or primitive folk art along with some reproductions. Pat is the best at display and just a terrific person all the way around!

It's hard to believe but this is a condo!  It was featured in one of Judy Condon's home decor books last year ~ I can't remember which one ~ but there are lots more photos there ~ a really nice tribute to Pat and Chuck's decorating style!

We were treated to one of Pat's wonderful homemade soups, some of her fabulous homemade bread, a great salad and scrumptious dessert!  She even put out a cookbook last year with family recipes and family anecdotes ~ it's a treasure for sure.  Sonny has used her recipes in the past ~ he keeps them in his own files because I tend to misplace things and he wanted to make sure he had them at his fingertips!

Pat's kitchen is huge ~ even though they are condo dwellers! The island is a combination of table and cabinet adorned with primitives and makes the perfect divider between the work area and the dining table!  We were a small group of five that day ~ five gals that have known each other a long time but don't see each very often ~ we had a wonderful afternoon being entertained by 'the hostess with the mostest!  It's great fun spending time with creative, strong women friends!

Sunday was Sonny's birthday ~ 68 years old ~ still cute ~ still working like a dog ~ still lots of fun!!  We had our annual gathering Saturday night of his 5 brothers and their wives and were so glad that sister-in-law, Pam, joined us, too.  This was the first 'brothers gathering' (as I call it) without their brother, Paul, so there was a lot of reminiscing and pictures and lots of great food!  Those women can cook!  I made 7-layer salad and barbeque beef for sandwiches ~ it turned out great but it was a combination of recipes ~ probably never to be created again! They brought scalloped potatoes, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole and the greatest array of pies, brownies and pumpkin bars!  Needless to say, I'm dieting this week ~  getting ready for a trip to Florida ~ hopefully, I can fit in my summer clothes!  This is a battle I don't seem destined to win ~ so much good food in this world and too many adult beverages!  We went out three evenings last week ~ all to the Happy Grape!! One night, a farewell to friends who are moving, one night our Homebuilders meeting was there and Friday night we went to hear a blues singer from Cleveland (who didn't sing blues) ~ some of our kids were there ~ they and their friends liked her ~ we're old ~ we didn't!!!  But lots of fun was had by all ~ and you can see it on my hips!!  I read a saying recently that indicated  "regardless of what we write down that we ate, there is a permanent record right here on our bottoms"!!!  Isn't that the truth?! 

Last week, I told you I had just joined Pinterest ~ eeee gaddd ~ that can be addicting! Have you checked it out?  There's a link on my sidebar if you want to take a look! You can see lots of great inspirational things on there ~ and some great recipes ~ that food thing again!

I'm working on year end things for the business ~ and clearing my desk so that Tad's sitter doesn't have to look at the piles of paperwork that loom high in front of me. It's sad that the thing I've mastered most in my life is procrastination ~ I've got it down to a science!!!  I'm burning the midnight oil to get a handle on this before we leave ~ certain things have to be in to the government by the end of January ~ bills have to paid before I leave ~ clothes have to be readied ~ yikes!  I gotta go now!!!  Talk to you soon!  Have a good day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Friend Pam came last week and brought her proddy sheep rug 'to see it's mama', as she put it!  He's such a fluffy guy and I love the swirlies in her background ~ kind of looks like fireworks when I look at the photo! Both this rug and the next one, were hooked in a proddy class here last year.

Deb sent me this picture of her  Lexington   Proddy Sheep ~ same pattern as Pam's (my design, by the by) but done with a flag background and proddy edge!  The paper is laying on it because it was on display at her guild's rug show ~ I love the bell and the deep rich colors! 

I hooked this Santa pillow years ago, under the tutelage of my friend, Carol Rahall.  She drew this on what she called 'hookable linen' (wish I could find some more) and gave me these narrow cut strip and roving and  loop-by-loop instruction!  I do love this pillow but know that I don't like hooking with those little 'threads' of a 4 cut.  I actually did some of these to sell way back when I started hooking ~ maybe I should draw some patterns for those who want to hook their own.  It could definitely be hooked into wool so that there is no background to fill in!  I'll work on that for my upcoming shows!!!

The same Carol Rahall, also hooked this snowman ~ I bought him at a shop near Medina several years ago because I knew Carol hooked for them ~ I also knew I would never do one for myself!  He sits in an old child's rocker all year long ~ I like him ~ and I like Carol very much!  She has hooked for probably 40 years and really helped get me on the right track so that hooking was fun and not a chore!  The advice to not hook in every opening was invaluable ~ you can hook a 'mountain' if you hook in every hole ~ take my word for it! 

A very sweet blog reader, Cyndi Lott, sent this wool pincushion to me just before Christmas!  That was such a nice gesture of friendship ~ very touching to me!  Cyndi said she was cleaning out her 'stash' and I see that she has shared some things with other bloggers as well!  Very generous ~ thank you, friend ~ I love it!

Another surprise present!  Hooker friend, Jackie, knitted this neckwarmer/ shoulder wrap and sent it to me in December! It's very cozy and just my color!  I had Sonny take three pictures ~ this was the best of the lot ~ I take dorky pictures but wanted you to see this great gift!!  Thank you, Jackie and Cyndi ~ you guys made my day!

P.S.  I joined Deanne Fitzpatrick's online class that will begin February  ~ I'm looking forward to that since I can't go to Nova Scotia right now!  If any of you are doing that class, I do have a few of her patterns on my website ~ it would save you the exhorbitant postage from N. S.  Let me know if there is one you would like!

Also, I joined Pinterest yesterday!  Not sure that I quite get the gist of it but I see so many posting pictures they've pinned from Pinterest that I decided to get in on the action!!  I have 3 followers already ~ I'll let you know how it works out!  I do read that it is definitely a time grabber or stealer or whatever!  Like I need something else to use up my time!!  Are many of you on Pinterest?

Have a great day ~ Alice

Friday, January 13, 2012


I've been dying to show these photos ~ Blogger wouldn't cooperate this week,  so I haven't posted in 10 days ~ and now I look at them really well and the pictures all have an ethereal look to them ~ as though taken through gauze!  But, I'm showing them anyway!  Such a nice collection of vintage clothing and red stockings in the guest room at my friend Lori's house!   

We were invited to an 'after Christmas' gathering at Lori and Michael Corelis home last week.  Lori is a well-known bear artist and this is her sweet little studio!  It's hard to imagine that she does all her creating in this little room ~ but it is so well organized and she has such fun things stashed here and there that she uses to make her mohair animals come to life! Remember to double click on the photos to see all the details!

In the family room, this huge antique fan quilt hangs over the mantle and on the mantle are some great mug jugs, done by various artists. Their origin dates back to the mid 1800's and were made by the slave potters at the end of their work day ~ some say made in their own image from the left over clay.  They fascinate me ~ anything with a face does ~ and we have a couple of smaller ones here at our house.

Look at this great stack of blanket chests!  And wooden shoe molds to the right, hold antique pin cushions. Lori and Michael have great collections ~ each one showcased beautifully in their contemporary home. 
 This cute guy resides in the two-story entry and is dressed in red longjohns for the long cold winter!  Pretty darn funny to me ~ wonder what the neighbors think!!  I'm sure they find Lori a fun addition to their neighborhood!  She and her husband are wonderful hosts and they made a houseful of guests from different walks of life, feel very comfortable on a winter evening.
 This new addition to our house was made by my resident carpenter, Sonny!!  He reminded me that we bought the table top  at  David T. Smith's tent sale years ago.  He ran across it in his shop and made the splayed-leg base for it ~ then did a hand-rubbed oil finish ~ now we have a new table in front of the fireplace.  It really is beautiful and made him really happy to be out in his shop creating.  He's also been working on hooking frames for the upcoming show season ~ yay! 

We had lots of snow today ~ no school in our area ~ there's also  a lot of flu going around ~ I'm staying inside so germs don't get me!!  Today was the wholesale market in Columbus ~ I love to go but not on these roads ~ good sense prevailed and I stayed home!

The beginners rug class for tomorrow is postponed and we're rescheduling in March ~ it's going to work out much better since the weather isn't cooperating and illness is running rampant.  Son Teddy and grandsons, Luke and Camden were down with the flu bug this week ~ I dropped Luke's homework off to him and practically threw it in the door ~ I didn't want those people breathing on me!  Thankfully, today,  they're all on the mend! 

Stay warm and stay healthy ~ winter has finally reared it's blustery head but Spring is right around the corner! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


            Fireworks in Port Clinton!

That was right after the Great Walleye Drop!  We've been to almost every one for the last 13 years and this year, son Ted and family got to see it first hand!  Some of their friends were up there, too!  They agreed that it was what I call "stupid fun"!  12 year old grandson Luke wasn't that impressed ~ I think that's because he's 12.  The weather was great  and a good time was had by all!

 We had an early dinner at McCarthy's Irish Pub and Princess Walleye dropped by ~ a perfect photo op for grandma and the kids!  Luke and I are a little blurry ~ I felt kind of blurry on the inside, too!  Miki fixed pomegranate Patron margaritas for her and I before we left home!  Need I say more!

The kids left New Years morning so gramps and I went out for a little beach glass hunting!  It was cold and blowy but we went anyway and came home with a fine 'catch'!!  We fixed pork and kraut so that we'll have good luck this year and watched the latest BatMan movie ~ wow ~ that was different than any of the Batman movies of the past!  On Monday, we had a long lunch at the Moose with our friends, Kathy and Jim ~ then packed up for the drive back to reality!  Friday night, we had supper with a neighbor from home, who has just moved to Catawba. That was fun, too ~ it would be swell to live up there full time!! 

My son, Tad turned 47 last week ~ one of us is getting old!!  He's having great fun with his Ipad!  Amazing!  Now mama wants one!!

So, here we are ~ facing 2012 with all the hope that a new year brings!  Looking back on 2011 and being glad we survived it!  A lot of fun was had and it's important to focus on that ~ and to learn from the things that maybe weren't so swell!  I appreciate all of you who read this blog and comment here and there ~ it's good to know I'm not talking to myself ~ THANK YOU!  So onward and upward ~ here we go!!!!!!! Isn't it exciting to see where the path leads?

Thanks for stopping by and have all the fun you can have this year!!