Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yes, Miss Luci ~ from last year's dancing chicken fame ~ was one of the "Aristocats" in this year's dance recital! Of course, she was the cutest kitty up there! And this had to be the longest dance recital ever!! Three hours and 15 minutes!!!!!!!! But it was all worth it to see our little kitten on the stage for what ~ maybe 5 minutes max!! She was so happy and the family will have such nice flowers to enjoy!! She has another one today ~ this grandma and grandpa will not be there!!! Because ~

Once again, I will be grocery shopping and cooking ~ for tomorrow's luncheon!! I do have the menu in my mind ~ finally!! Broccoli quiche (my friend, Carol's recipe!), muffins, 7 layer salad, rosemary lemonade and again ~ my Black Forest Cake!! When Anne, the lady who made the arrangements for this group called the other day, I'm sure I made her nervous when I said I didn't have the menu planned ~ I hope she reads my blog today so she'll know I really do have it under control! And I have some more planting to do ~ some pots and some accents of color here and there!

Friday night's dinner for six went well ~ at least from our perspective, it did!! They seemed to enjoy every morsel ~ the tenderloin got a tad more done that I would have liked but it was very tender and every scrap was was gone! It was a nice evening so we were able to have appetizers on the deck and that was very relaxing! The couple who got the winning bid on the dinner own a landscape and garden center so I wanted everything outside to make a nice presentation ~ and Wayne was very complimentary ~ and wanted to know where I got the beautiful flowers on the deck!! I was so happy to be able to tell him I got them from their place ~ ~ ~ thank goodness ~ that would have been embarrassing!! So we fed them well, gave the ladies a tour of the house (the men were talking about important things outside) and hopefully, a feast for their eyes! We know all three couples through business so it was a very fun evening and we applaud Wayne and Gail's generosity to our needy children's fund at a time when it's appreciated most!

Turkey report ~ Mama has laid yet one more egg ~ eleven now!! Won't this be fun?! So off to the task at hand and enjoy your Sunday wherever you are!!


Annie said...

Ella will be so jealous! She LOVES the Aristocats. Way to go, Lucy!

Annie said...

Sorry, I meant
Way to go, Luci!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ Oh, your Luci is just too cute! Lucky ladies coming to your luncheon tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be yummy.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks, Lauren and Annie! I hope the ladies enjoy ~ I'm still cooking!!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Hi Alice!!
Lucy is a doll! Wasn't it freezing in Ohio last night? I was outside bringing in my flowers, I'm so glad I didn't plant them. I was wondering where you got your flowers. My mom, Rena, and I hit all the Amish greenhouses by Shiloh a couple weeks ago. It was so fun!!

Unknown said...

You are beating me now with your turkey eggs Alice...unless my momma duck is laying another egg as we speak!! She has spread the mulch from the gardens all over the nest so it's hard to count the eggs.

I guess that we will have to wait and count the ducklings when they hatch! I think that I would rather have ducks, than your noisy turkeys!

Your dinner party sounds like it was a real hit, I could almost picture your deck and the people, you have such a good way of describing everything. I do NOT envy you sitting through 3 1/2 hours of the recital though...that would be way too much for me. Luci is a lucky girl to have you for a Grandmother:)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Julie ~ I saw your mom (I recognized her from her blog photo!) and your sister at one of the greenhouses on rt. 13 the other day ~ were you there, too? I bought stuff at that one, Twin Maples, that's on a back road, Country Colors has such beautiful things so I bought some there ~ Arbor Creek in Ontario ~ and Waynes Market here just outside of town has beautiful combination baskets!! I have been a buying and planting fool the last week!! And after planting more yesterday, I woke up to the news saying it frosted last night~ but I ran out and checked everything and it didn't frost right here ~ thank goodness!! just finished with today's luncheon and wanted everything to look perfect for them ~ wouldn't that have been nice if it all frosted??!!
and yes, miss luci is something!! Thanks ~ Alice

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Alice~Yes, that was them. I didn't go because I had already went twice. I hope it doesn't frost anymore I'm getting tired of taking everything in. LOL!