Saturday, November 30, 2013


To celebrate small business, check my website Folk Art Primitives pattern pages and hand-dyed wool page for sparkly wool ~ all 20% off Saturday only!  Email me at with your orders and I'll contact you for payment options.

This kind of shopping is so much better than battling crowds at the malls and big box stores!  Hope you find something you like!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hope you all have a great day with family and friends!  We're going to son Teddy and Miki's for dinner ~ all I have to take is a salad and pies ~ that's  to be thankful for!!

We have had a year of good health and business ~ all our kids and grands and great grands are healthy and happy ~ no one could wish for more! Living with an attitude of gratitude!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Alice and Sonny

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Dark picture of Maria and Ali and all our wool and projects spread out in our lake living room! We were short one creative soul ~ Kris ~ because she fell and did a bad thing to her nose!! We are so sorry she wasn't here!!

Here's a peak of some of the projects the girls were working on.

This is what I worked on ~ finishing Ned's border ~ and I added some handspan yarn into his mane to kick him up a notch!

They made bracelets from beach glass we have gathered ~ the gals did a fine job!! We took a walk on the beach this morning and they found a few pieces of their own!!

I took them to Just for Ewe yarn shop and we were greeted by this guy with two sets of horns along with a barnyard of goats and llamas. Maria texted Kris to find out what kind of goat this is and she kindly replied that it is not a goat but ~ it is a Jacob's sheep ~ the oldest known to man!!! We three creative types all thought it was a goat!!!

And of course, I took them to places for cocktails and good food!! Canoe Club one night and Ciao Bella another!!
We had a very relaxing couple of days and even though it was kind of chilly, it was still nice to look out over the water and share ideas and even come up with a new blog challenge ~ remember, we did one together a couple of years ago! Stay tuned!!!
Big blowy weather supposed to come our way this evening so I better get packing and head to my home!!! Speaking of packing ~ oh, that's another story!!!
Sending healing thoughts your way, Kris!! Ta ta for now!!
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yesterday, two new rug hookers got hooked on hooking! Pam and Daphene were very enthusiastic students and a joy to work with!

They got a lot done on their first project ~ they were so appreciative and complimentary ~ they made my day!!

Minnie the Cat is bound !

And residing in her new 'home' in the entry to one end of the living room. Not much traffic there so she will not get a lot of wear.

Last weekend, a goat covered in fleece found its way to our door! Actually , I picked it up and brought it home!

A nice companion to the Ligonier sheep! The dining room table is looking more like a barnyard!

This past week, I had a request to kit up a pattern from my website and today, off it went to Australia! Can't wait to see her finished product!

Last Saturday, we made a trip to Amish country. It was a chilly, sunny day ~ kind of relaxing but tons of traffic! Came home with Swiss cheese and trail bologna
and little scrubbies made from netting!!

Today was our first snow of the season ~ winter's on its way!

Take good care ~ Alice

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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sixteen members of the Western Reserve Rug hooking Guild met yesterday in the Chagrin Falls area to learn 8 different ways to finish their hooked rugs! Most were from the area but some came from Pittsburg and Indianapolis to take my class!

This photo was taken by Teri Hedrick (lifted from her FB page ~ thank you Teri) ~ There wasn't much time for picture taking!! We really had a great day ~ finishing is not the most fun part of rug hooking or the most creative, but these gals made it fun! I was really happy that they said they learned a lot and they were pleasantly surprised how much there was to learn!! Jackie and Deb both emailed today that they went home and put their new knowledge to work!!!

Miss Tippy went along for the ride ~ she was introduced to everyone and they heard her story! They laughed ~ and probably secretly thought her new owner was a little daft!!

This is Dawn, who just came back from Reeth, England where she took class from Heather Ritchie. This is her proddy sheep that she completed in her three-day class ~ it's a little dark but if you double click you should be able to see it better! She did a great job!

One of the ways shown was how to proddy as a rug finish and also a quick run thru on using it to finish a pillow ~ Karen Kahle style!! I used this pillow as the model and finished it tonite!! There are several unfinished projects in my hooking room so I need to practice what I teach!! Which, by the way, I love doing! It's really energizing for me to share what I know and love ~ I'd love to do more!!

There is a beginner class here Nov. 11 ~ there's room if you know of someone who wants to learn!

Have a great week!

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