Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This rug is making me very happy!! Color planning is a challenge for me ~ I pulled several wools for this rug when I first decided to take part in Gene's blog hook-in ~ but I haven't used most of them!! The colors were really guided by some sparkly wool that I have and then the idea to use some wonderful paisleys for the flowers really helped move this along! I had hoped to finish it today but I think it will be tomorrow ~ stay tuned!

Just wanted to include some pictures of the garden ~ the forget-me-nots and ajuga are really pretty in this terraced area behind the house. We have been here almost 16 years and Sonny built this garden carrying all the rocks up from along the creek and in the woods ~ what a guy!! No doubt, he used his tractor or a wheelbarrow but you know what I mean!!

This little grouping is comprised of wildflowers that came from our woods ~ wild phlox, trillium and solomon seal mixed in with hostas ~ in the background you can see what looks like a rock ~ it's called 'puddingstone' and is left from when the glacier swept across this area!

Just a shot of some tulips among the iris ~ we don't have many tulips ~ I've planted many thru the years but I think the moles or the voles or varmits of some sort eat them for lunch!! I just love this time of year when things start blooming and everything is turning so green. It truly is a sign of new life and rebirth ~ it's really uplifting after the long, long winter we had here in Ohio! I can't wait to start my little
'greenhousing' trips with my friends!

I'm off to garden or hook ~ wonder which it will be?! Have a good day~


Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, Alice ~
I do love your rug...as always! Your color choices are gorgeous. I wish I could hook more quickly. I feel as is if I'm barely making progress on my cat rug.
The gardens look great, too. Isn't spring the most wonderful time in Ohio? I guess it's God's gift to us for those long, dreary Ohio winters!

Julie said...

Lookin' good Alice! The colors in your rug are super nice. We are all enoying this beautiful season.