Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Last night, Seattle son, Chris and grandson, Hunter arrived to spend a few days in Ohio!  He wanted their picture taken with brother, Tad and Tad wanted the cat to join them!  That cat won't let anybody but me or Tad handle him like that ~ he understands Tad and that's pretty amazing!  The guys won't be around much but whatever time we have them is a good thing!  They're looking at colleges for Hunter and making unofficial visits to a variety of places.  We had a late night meal and I fixed Hunter a big breakfast to send them on their way!  Sonny was impressed ~ I fixed him breakfast, too ~ it did come up in conversation that it's not a regular ritual! 

I'm dyeing wool and getting things ready for the Gathered Treasures show on Saturday!!  Check out Black Cat Primitives on Facebook for a list of vendors! 

I'll try to blog a little more ~ it's very easy to get out of the habit.  I see more bloggers are posting less and less.  Facebook is easier to put on a little blurb here and there but not everybody's on Facebook!

Stay tuned for more wool pictures!

Have a great day ~ it's a cold, blowy Spring day here in Ohio!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Just adding this photo to see if Blogger will post it! For some reason none of my pictures are showing from past blog postings!

Hope all is well in your world!