Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This rug is coming along so well ~ I'm actually thrilled with way the background is developing ~ and it's me doing the color plan!! The plan was to use 3 different blacks and a dark green kind of found it's way in and then, when I was hooking late last night, I decided to add a more deep color of black ~ and it seems to give a richness to the background ~ I'm not sure it comes across on the photo as much as in person ~ but it's looking good! There wasn't a lot of the dark hand-dyed green so I cut it all into strips (a 9 cut) and divided it into fours ~ that way there would be enough for each quadrant of the background ~ sometimes I think I might be getting a handle on this!!

These are photos (taken with my cell phone) from last week's hook-in in Akron. Some were not very clear, so if you don't see your rug here ~ it's because the old girl couldn't hold her phone still!!! This is Karen's finished runner ~ really nice ~ and I think she designed it herself, using various elements from different rugs that she really likes!

Carole's hooking is in a fine cut and this piece, to quote one of the gals, looks like stained glass ~ everything very precise! And the colors ~ so soft.
This rug looks like painting! I told the artist, Kay Forbush, that she is a 'fine' hooker ~ she laughed ~ thank God! The reflections of the house and the boat on the water are just perfect and the shading of the big tree is so beautiful. That's the advantage the traditional rug hooker has over us primitive people ~ they can get such detail in color and design!

Noreen is hooking this rug with three cats each holding a star ~ it's going to be a great piece! This cat just spoke to me ~ well, not really ~ but you know what I mean! Doesn't he have a great face?
And lastly, my girlfriend, Donna is working on this chair pad ~ cute rooster!! I hear that some of what she hooked that day has already come out and a new, more pleasing color has been hooked back in!! Not this kid ~ I don't like to reverse hook!! Thanks, Donna, for letting me pick on you ~ Donna hooks beautifully and has created really nice rugs and she's a good friend!

So that's all for today, folks! So much to do and so little time ~ well, I have time ~ I don't manage it very well!! Onward and upward!! Have a good day and I hope you get to do something that pleases you today!!