Sunday, October 27, 2013


November 11, we will have a beginner rug hooking class here in my home studio ~ check out my website  and call or email me to register!!

 You'll have fun!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


"Welcome Home", my Tipp City class design using templates from Ali Strebel and Karen Kahle. I really like it and hope to do the finish soon!

Ta dah!! Heidi's rug design of her Lake Erie trailer ~ we'll, a whimsical adaptation of it, anyway! It's really cute and she found buttons that will look just like tires!!

Here's Tipp and Miss Tippy ~ before the separation! We'll keep you posted on their travels!!

Last but not least ~ beautiful Firebush in our garden!! Enjoy the fall colors ~ Winter's right around the corner!
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Sunday, October 20, 2013


This is my progress for the Thursday thru Friday "2 in 1" class with Ali Strebel and Karen Kahle of Primitive Spirits. Wish I'd taken a photo of those two talented artists! We were given linen with a 14" x 20" rectangle already drawn on and templates and ideas to make our own rendition of Welcome Home, the theme of the class.
This was mine! For the hill, I used dyed roving cord from Ali and needle felted it onto the linen. The windows and door are needle felted over the hooked house ~ much easier than hooking around a hooked window strip. Of course, that's only appropriate for a rug that will hang ~ not a floor rug, for sure!! The hearts and leaf motifs are also felted and the background is a dyed piece from Nola Heidbreder that I purchased at Sauder. I love it!! I'll finish this soon ~ could have finished it this week if I didn't wander and visit so much!

This is friend MJ's version of Karen's pattern ~ very nice start!

Friend Jackie hooked sections that when assembled will be a free-standing house! Ali had a sample that you will see in a later post! Can't wait for Jackie to put hers together!

Friend Charisse designed and finished her Blue Moon during the class!! She is a dedicated hooker!

Friend Pam ~ YOU DID AWESOME!!!! Sometimes she's a wanderer (it was me this time)and I like to tease her but no teasing this time! Very proud of you, Pammie!!

New friend Valerie hooked a key on her Welcome mat ~ she has been a long time customer and we had a good time getting acquainted in Tipp City!

Marketa and I have been at several classes in Tipp together and she hooks beautifully! So glad she joined us for dinner ~ we had some fabulous food in this historic town!!

I believe this is Deb's version of a pattern you'll see often!

As you can see, it was popular! I think this is Jennifer McKelvie's ~ a very nice gal indeed!

This lady did her design and her colors were very Karen Kahle-like!

One of the gals who came clear from Nova Scotia to hook with us, hooking a brick house for her son!

Friend Sue really got a lot done ~ her hooking is so neat!

Another lady who hooked her own design ~ love the fleece sheep!

Paula from Nova Scotia finished her mat, too! That's what happens when you are focused!!

Another finished mat ~ love her background!

Last but not least, Miss Tippy in her new home!! Karen brought dolls from her artist friend, Olive Rose and this one came home with me! Friend MJ took home her companion, Tipp ~ I'll post his picture next time!!

Of all the rugs that I didn't get a picture of was friend Heidi's!!! We went together and she has a great start on her lake trailer. She packed away her rug while I was flitting about and as I'm going thru all of these, I discovered I didn't have hers ~ you'll love it! I'm going to go get a photo of it this week!! So glad Heidi came ~ we haven't been hooking together in a long while ~ it was good to have her along ~ gave me someone to talk to in the middle of my sleepless nights ~ she's not a good sleeper either! I'll be calling you, Heidi!!

We had a great time ~ there is more to post but I must go for now! Very inspiring three days that had been prefaced with four days in Ligonier for me! Long, fun week of rug hooking!! Woo hoo!!!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Today's progress on my class rug with Karen Kahle and Ali Strebel ! We're having a great time ~ seeing old friends and meeting new!

Ali and Karen give us templates and linen to design our own rug ~ and away we go! The grass on the hill is fabulous dyed chunky roving from Ali that I needle felted onto the linen. Stay tuned for tomorrow's progress!!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013


This is another picture of Minnie, done in Lucille Festa's class at Sauder. I took this one outside and the colors show more true ~ I love this rug!

I found this little crocheted rug with sparklies in it at the Malabar show ~ cute little mat!

This is our little anniversary cake from our friends, Margo and Cliff. They had us for dinner to celebrate our 31st anniversary the end of September ~ very nice!
Shortly, I am off to Ligonier for three days of hooking at the Woolley Fox! I'm leaving from the lake ~ we had our annual Kelleys Island day yesterday with our lake friends ~ lots of fun!!!
I'll try to post some hooking fun this week!! Thanks for stopping by!
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This is my very small effort at fall decorating!
Love these small pumpkins we bought at a farm market on the way home from the lake! These three are now up on the transom over the front door. That's all I've done other than a few pumpkins here and there.

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