Saturday, May 2, 2009

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I took another polymer clay class from Lori Wilkes at our local Art Center. We made these heart pins ~ this is a picture of all the ones we made today ~ a nice size class of seven really creative gals ~ at least we felt like it when we left!!!!!! Mine is the third from the left on the top row ~ I can't say I'm crazy about the color combo ~ but you really don't know what you're going to get till it's done!! Or at least, I didn't!
With the left over 'canes' that we made (that's the little circle designs ~ each one is a cane) I sliced off a couple of thicker slabs, put holes in them and made buttons ~ and one bead. Actually, I want to use the buttons on purses that I'll make ~ kind of cute, don't you think? The pictures were taken with my cell phone ~ not as clear as I would have liked but since the camera was here at home, the phone pix were a good substitute!

So that's my short post for today ~ going to join my son's family for Mexican fare to celebrate grandson, Luke's 10th birthday!! Hard to believe that guy is that old!!
Have a good evening ~ Alice


ShabbySheep said...

Alice, I like your color combo!! I wish I lived in a city where they had more classes on crafty stuff. Other than Hobby Lobby and Michael's, we're out of luck. Actually Tammy, Dulcy and I have talked about maybe Having some classes on different things to make. All we need is a place to do it!

JoJo said...

These are pretty, Alice. My mother used to collect a certain kind of glass called Mille Fiore and this is what your beads remind me of.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Sheri ~ I know how lucky we are to have the Art Center ~ I actually had not belonged in years and was given a membership for my birthday ~ and I'm taking full advantage of it!! If you and your friends find a place to give classes ~ I bet you'll have a good response!

Bingo JoJo ~ that's exactly what this style replicates ~ millifiore!! It's an interesting process and I think I'll pursue it in some form!
Thanks to both for appreciating!!