Thursday, September 19, 2013


This is my friend, Donna, and her cute donkey rug from Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm ~ you can take this as a political statement ~ or not!! We had a great week at our table and Donna and her friends, took me under their wing ~ I joined them for dinners and lunches ~ since I was there alone, it was great to have friends to hang with!! Thank you, Donna!!!!! And to my friend, Jackie ~ who also took me to dinner!! I need a keeper sometimes and these girls know it!

Another friend, Carol and her beautiful rug designed by Lucille Festa ~ our illustrious teacher for the week!! Carol is lots of fun ~ we'd be dangerous if we lived close to each other!

This was our fourth table mate, Dana from Alabama (I hope I have that right after all this time!) and her rug is going to be beautiful!

This was Dana's spot at the table ~ and more under the table!! We had to laugh because if anyone said "I wish I had a "whatever", Dana pulled it out of her baskets!! I mean seriously! Carol wished for a little portable fan ~ voila! Dana reached down and there it was! Donna wished for a tootsie roll ~ Dana says "got it"! Carol needed a phillips screwdriver to put the batteries in her own personal fan that Dana's husband picked up at Walmart for Carol ~ yep! Dana had that phillips right in her little kit bag!!!! And on it went! We marveled at her preparedness ~ she's a good gal to have at your table for sure!!!!!!

This lovely lady was working on the great sheep and sunflower rug ~ it is sizable and she got lots done that week!

This gal got lots done on her cute rug ~ she worked hard and hooked some of my favorite sparkly wool into the stars ~ it's a darling rug!!

Her friend was hooking this beautiful tree that was her own design ~ I hope I get to see a picture of it when it's done ~ very artistic looking!

Sally, who is friends of the two previous girls, was hooking her rug in beautiful colors chosen to match a piece of furniture in her home! She was hooking in an 8 cut ~ small for me but larger than usual for her! This rug is going to be beautiful and matches her fabric sample to a T !!!!

Another beautiful rug start ~ this lady got lots done ~ it's going to be a great rug!

I loved this horse rug that is also one of Lucille's designs. She brought hers to show us ~ and this one will also have that nice aged look to it!!

This whale rug will really be pretty ~ love her blues and she is hooking it in a fairly small cut ~ but she made lots of progress!!

This was the first time I have been in a class with Cindi Gay ~ she hooked both these stair risers in the time we were there ~ the mounted one is her pattern ~ the one she is holding she just started hooking on a blank piece of foundation fabric!! And look how beautiful it is!!

Judy Stevens got a nice start on Kris Miller's pattern ~ Hex and Trex (hope that's right) ~ very nice!

This is Judy again ~ standing beside her rug that was on display because ~ it was accepted into the Celebrations magazine this year!!!!!!! Yay Judy!! She is a very even, precise hooker ~ and her work shows it!! Congratulations, Judy!

Another friend, Karen Dietrick, also had this same rug pattern accepted into Celebrations! CORRECTION!!! The other rug was done by Fritz Mitnick ~ a well-known rug hooking teacher from Pennsylvania!! Thank you, Donna, for the information, although it took me a while to add this!! So sorry, Fritz!!

And this is my Minnie the Cat ~ I've finished now but this is what I got done in the four day class! Lucille designed this rug, too and I absolutely love it!!

Another thing I loved was taking Lucille's class! She's very talented and patient and fun! You can find her at American Country Rugs ~ did I get a picture of her? Yes, but it was not flattering and I like her too much to post it!!! Thanks, Lucille ~ it was great fun and I hope our paths cross again!!

I'm sure you can see what a fun week we had ~ the rug show was really great ~ the shopping always is ~ the food is fabulous ~ and it's wonderful hanging out with people who share the same interest! I never really spent much time in women's groups until I started rug hooking ~ and I really enjoy the camaradarie immensely! If you get a chance to go to Sauder rug week next year or in the future, give yourself a treat! You won't regret it!!!

I posted these pictures a couple of weeks ago, but Blogger and I had some issues ~ it was a little challenging but finally, I could put the right words with the right pictures and publish it!! Hope you enjoyed your visit!!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Minnie the Cat ~ all done!! This was my Sauder class project ~ designed by Lucille Festa of American Country Rugs ~ our teacher for the week! One of my friends liked it so well, she ordered a pattern for herself! Can't wait to see it, Sue!

I also finished my hand-torn crow from Heavens to Betsy, using my scraps!! I'm on a roll! So many unfinished pieces and going to two hooking classes in October!!

These were done by Marge Dreher ~ my talented neighbor at Quailcrest a couple of Saturdays ago. The sheep are needle felted and the miniature painting is of a hooking studio ~ both beautiful! The show was well attended and we had a great day ~ except for once again, having another small sheep mat stolen! We couldn't believe it happened again. Very disheartening to have my creativity and time consuming work taken right out from under us. There are opportunists everywhere ~ it makes me feel like I can't safely display my own work anymore but I refuse to let a common thief steal my joy as well. We had a great day with beautiful weather and stopped for a yummy dinner with friends, Lou and Vivian, on the way home ~ very grateful for all the good things that happened that day!

Friend Vivian and I went to the Country Living Fair last Friday in Columbus, where this huge display of gourds and pumpkins caught my eye! So many shoppers ~ hard to believe that so many of us waited in line on the highway, waited in lines to park and then waited in line to pay a lot of money to get in the gate!! But it was a fun day for sure! I talked to a customer today in New York and she said ' you gals in Ohio have all the fun things going on'!! She may be right!

This recycled jeans jacket was one of my purchases! Vivian assured me that it looked good on me so I happily took it off the artist's hands ~ I only needed a little encouragement ~ her booth was very popular!! I also got a handwoven rug for in front of the fireplace and a carved whale for the condo ~ and passed up lots of other fun stuff!!

That's it from here ~ office work as usual looming in front of me and a show next weekend! No rest for the wicked, they say!!! Whoever 'they' are!!

Ta ya for now!!

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Friday, September 6, 2013


"Witch in the Moon" designed by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm ~ that's what I did this evening!! It's 8 x 10 1/2 and goes really fast! I have some of the paper patterns for sale ~ $12 ~ let me know if you'd like one!!

I think I'll make it into a pillow!! Night night!


Oh yes ~ I've got some sparkle in there!!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013


In the dye pots today for Saturday's show at Quailcrest Herb Fair in Wooster!!

For a closer look, you can click on the photo!!

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