Sunday, July 31, 2011


 Do you know who this is?  We didn't ~ until one of our lake neighbors enlightened Sonny.  Last weekend, this was sitting on the back of a landscaping trailer, parked at the end of the Moose parking lot.  It is a bronze statue of WOODY HAYES ~ famed OSU football coach from 1951-1978 (I had to look that up)!  There is a landscaper who lives in our complex and evidently, Woody was going to be installed in someone's yard? or in a commercial job somewhere ~ it was actually, pretty impressive!

Such a beautiful view off our deck ~ this lone heron looked like he was posing!  We had weekend company from home ~ friends Cliff and Margo and their daughter and husband.  It was so bloody hot, that we took a little tour around the area, and came back to the condo to cool our heels in the a/c!  We took them to the Moose for perch sandwiches for lunch, the Islander Grille for dinner and I fixed a really good quiche (friend Carol's recipe) for Sunday breakfast and away they went!  You know our weekends consist of lots of eating  and adult beverages ~ it was so darned hot, we couldn't treat them to our favorite pastime of
sitting on the rocks!!  We hope they'll come again when it's cooler!

This was our beach glass bounty from three mornings of scouring the beach!  We were able to be at the lake for four days ~ a real treat for us! Lots of lucky stones in the lower left ~ a few bits of red and blue ~ and to the right (the white stick-looking like thing) is a fisherman's needle.  Friend Heidi had shown us one and this was the first we have seen in our beach walks.  It might be a real thing or it might be folklore but ~ it is the bone out of some kind of fish, at the top there is an opening that you could thread, and fishermen used it for mending their nets!! True or not, it's a good story!

Here are my efforts at jewelry making! The top bracelet is made with lucky stones ~ lucky stones are the earbone of a sheephead fish ~ I also just learned that from google ~ I had heard it was the cheekbone but now I know different!

The bottom is green beach glass ~ kind of bright but kind of pretty.  I'll try my hand at making more ~ it takes 12 pieces of glass or stones ~ and the glass has to be just the right size ~  so it won't take long to use up what we have!
Have a good Sunday ~ the weekend is almost over!  I feel like I'm on a spinning top ~ hanging on for the ride!!  See you soon!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Well ~ this, actually, all took place the weekend before last!  We had friends, Vivian & Lou, up for the day and as we were driving around, this visual feast for the eyes was sitting at a local waterside pub ~ just waiting for me to take it's picture!!!  Isn't this the craziest thing?  I loved it and knew you would, too!  Click on it to see all the fun things that make up what looks like a parade float!!  But I think it was some guy's car!!!!!!

There was also a sailboat regatta that day ~ this picture is pretty far away but if you click on it, you can see what a beautiful sight those sailboats made!

This was our glass collection from that weekend ~ pretty good haul, wasn't it? See all the lucky stones in the middle?  I just got some bracelet blanks and I'm going to try my hand at jewelry making ~ just like so many others are doing these days!  Almost every craft or art show you go to, is overrun with jewelry ~ mine will be just for fun!  If it works out, I'll show you some pictures!!!

Just in case, someone in the area of Port Clinton is looking for a fine leather chair and ottoman ~ here it is!!  It's a long story (all of mine are) , but we replaced the upstairs sofa and loveseat ~  the chair didn't match the new set (of course) so we HAD to buy the chair that goes with them!  At any rate, this one is in the lower level ~ hardly ever has anyone sat on it ~ and we're selling it  and putting the upstairs mis-matchy chair in it's place.   Email me ~ ~ IT'S JUST LIKE NEW!!!! 

Last weekend, we stayed home to gather with Sonny's family in honor of his brother, Paul.  They had a bonfire and pot-luck at their farm ~ like they would do on so many occasions ~ and friends and family were together to comfort his wife and kids ~ and each other.  It was sad but also Paul would have loved it ~ he was with us in spirit!

We are off for a four-day weekend ~ unheard of for us!  Tad will be staying with his sitter for part of the weekend, while we have overnight guests.  Yesterday, I took him out to lunch and shopping for cd's and dvd's ~ his favorite thing to do ~ because he hadn't been out in so long and I thought he needed a change of pace.  On the way home, I asked him "did you have a good day?"  He said " yes ~ it's 'kiss up' Wednesday"!  I said 'what does that mean?'  He says, in all his wisdom " Thursday, you go to the lake ~ Wednesday, I go shopping ~ that's 'Kiss Up' Wednesday"!!!!!!!!!!  I laughed all the way home!!!!!!!!!  He may be developmentally challenged but he's pretty darn smart and pretty darn funny!!!!!!!! 

I hope somebody's 'kissing up' to you today!!!!!!  Have a good weekend ~

Thursday, July 14, 2011


These are the last of the rug show pix ~ no commentary ~ just enjoy!  Well, I will comment on these ~ don't you just love that lady in her hooking chair?  And that fat bird with a house in his middle?  and the funky little blue bird? These are all quite whimsical and just tickle my fancy!

 It was a fun day ~ lots of beauteous things to see and savor and friends to enjoy! 

We have had some sadness in our family this week ~ my husband's brother, Paul, 62 years old, died on Tuesday of liver cancer.  He has been ill since February and despite various treatments, it wasnt' meant to be.  Sonny is the oldest of 8 brothers ~ now there are 6 ~ it's hard to lose your family.  We've tried to be very supportive and uplifting to the family thru these months. This past Sunday, we hosted a wedding shower here for their son's fiance ~ they are getting married in two weeks ~ a bittersweet time for them now.  I don't like to share the sadder parts of life on my blog ~ I like to tell you all about the fun things that might uplift you and make you laugh ~ and I have some fun things to share but I'll save it for another day.

Yesterday, Luke and Luci rode their bikes over ~ we went for ice cream in the afternoon and drove by the house of an elderly lady friend ~ she was out in the yard and I spied her little head over the top of a patio chair ~ so we whipped that car around and drove in her drive and invited her for ice cream!  She said she was tired ~ getting ready for company ~ but she'd let us bring her something if we would come eat it there on her porch!  So away we went ~ loaded up on sundae's, and cones and came back.  We spent a lovely time with Marge ~ 84 years old, newly widowed ~ no kids or grandkids ~ and she showed the kids new baby bluebirds nesting in a birdhouse ~ and told us how she and her sisters are going to a bed and breakfast just for fun ~ and how she's giving us a big cupboard that we admired many years ago ~ but we can't have it now cause there are things in front of it ~ and when we left , Luci said "she's cute!" and Luke said 'she has the cutest haircut'!  And I called her this morning and told her that at 84 years old, she's been deemed cute!  She said 'you just made my day'!!!!!!! 

So ~ try to 'make the day' of someone around you that could use it!  I dare say our visit made our day and perked us up more than it did her!!!!!  Thanks for coming by ~ talk to you soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


 It has taken me several weeks to post these rugs ~ no excuse ~ I'm just like a dog chasing my tail ~ round and round I go!  I love Linda's rug!  Linda is a new hooker ~ she came to one of my proddy classes and she has done a fabulous job on the Lexington Proddy Sheep!  She has some border to finish but I couldn't wait ~ Linda, you have hooked a really great rug!!! 

Stacie hooked this cute rug ~ it's a pattern that she bought from me ~ I can order some in if anyone would like to add it to your pattern stash!!!

 Here's another sweet sheep ~ my weakness!!

There was a display of 'first rugs' ~ I thought this was a very ambitious first rug ~ and very well done!

 This crazy rug is my 'first rug'!!  I went to a retreat at Shaker Village, in Kentucky that Margo White and Sandy Kandris used to host!  Friends Heidi, Danese, Gloria and I went for several years ~ it was always a great time!  I met Betsy Reed there ~ and the infamous Jeanne "Red" Langston (one of the funniest  and prettiest women you'll ever meet!) and lots of other great gals from all over the country.  Actually, Betsy is hosting her own retreat there this month ~ wish I could go ~ I know they'll do a great job!

Friend Charisse saved me a seat so we could visit!! 
I'm such a gadfly that I never hooked a loop!!  I wandered ~ I ate ~ I visited ~ I looked at what everyone else was doing ~ I shopped from Betsy ~ and just had a great day all the way around!! 

This lion rug is gonna be great!!  Friend Donna started this at one of Barbara Carroll's classes ~ I like it a lot!!  If I would get back to hooking, I would put this on the 'to do list'!!!! 

Katie puts together a really nice gathering ~ there were lots of hookers there ~ and lots of vendors ~ she treats us very well!   Next year, I'll be one of the vendors!!  I'm excited!!

Have a good weekend ~ and hook something nice!!  That's if you're a hooker ~ if not ~ just enjoy yourself whatever you do!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is my Mother's Day hibiscus from son Teddy and family  ~ it is blooming profusely and the impatiens I planted below match it perfectly!!  The color of the plant was a mystery until just last week so it was a pleasant surprise that the two colors went together!  My big challenge will be to winter over this plant ~ but we won't have to worry about that for a while!! It's been pretty darned hot here in Ohio!

 This lone lily was so pretty in among all the greenery.  Most of this 'greenery' is gone now ~ I've been working in the flower beds and  getting rid of things that are so overgrown and starting anew!  I've left a few plants here and there but the wild geranium has really taken over ~ pretty in the spring but that's about it!  One of these days, I'll show you the finished product!

Last weekend's beach glass bounty!!  We were at the lake for three days and went out twice ~ there is a funky little fossil with lots of holes and three lucky stones in the lower left corner ~ should be a lucky week! 

We had a fun weekend ~ tried three new places to eat ~ a Thai restaurant, the Gateway for burgers and Pappa Jimmies for barbecue!  We eat and drink our way thru the weekends ~ holy crow, I've got to get a handle on this!!! 

We watched fireworks from the rocks ~ we could see four or five different displays plus one the neighbors to our west put on!  It's as good as any of the public fireworks! 

Hope you had a fun Fourth!  This year is flying by!  Rug pictures coming next!!!
Thanks for stopping by ~ Alice

P.S. I wrote this post or one similar, yesterday!  Once again, the damn thing disappeared!!  I checked blogger and people are having all kinds of issues so I'm thrilled this one is posting!!