Sunday, August 12, 2012


Yay!!!! The sampler hooking for my class is finally finished! I hope this doesn't make the class students nervous! Don't be ~ this is how I function best! I think people like me would make a good psychological study ~ what's the payoff for working under the gun, so to speak?!! Maybe it's what keeps us revved up and lets us know we're alive!!

At any rate, we had a fun weekend! Went to Kelley's Island Friday and had all the fun we could in between work and hooking! Saturday morning, we came home on a rockin' and rollin'' ferry due to some windy weather! Then we went to Sandusky to a wine and food tasting with our friends and a stop at Crush wine bar for a bite and a beverage on the way home! We topped off the evening with homemade peach cobbler made by friend Carol!! So with getting up at 6 a m this morning to hook, ~ this has been what you'd call a full weekend ~ just the kind of thing that keeps us young!!!

Hope you had half as much fun as we did! Enjoy every day!!

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Lori Ann Corelis said...

I TOTALLY get the procrastination thing! I am a pro at it!
I never feel creative until the pressure is on! So nice to know there are more of us out there!

Your ingenuity in the last post. Ade me chuckle!

Have a grand time at Sauder . . . I know your students will be pleased!


Wendie Scott Davis said...

I had one of those "inversion" moments, where I saw a big beige mesh and wondered what was in the holes LOL. I went back a few posts and now I get it!! Whew. That is quite the undertaking to hook all of those little rectangles just so they have something to finish. But they will be a wonderful tool for the lucky students to refer too. You rock!!!