Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Cute, isn't it? This is the first pumpkin mat from  the Sauder Finishing class to be sent to me!!  This is Patty's from Virginia ~ she went right home and made herself a little lavender-stuffed pillow with a sparkly proddy edge!!  Job well done!!  Patty was a corker, as they said in olden days!  Lots of fun!!

Just wanted you to see a picture of the oakleaf hydrangea ~ it is turning brown with a tinge of rosy orange to it ~ still pretty even as the bloom is fading!

Sunday, we did some beach walking and found these little 'gifts' in the sand ~ I love it when we run across sand art!!

Cute doggie!

And a turtle!!  Someone was having fun that morning before we arrived!!
And last but not least, a beautiful sunrise over the lake this weekend! So peaceful and restful ~ so grateful to be able to go there and have a little respite from our hectic lives!!                                                                                  


dlpavlock said...

I so enjoyed my Sauder trip this year. Need to get busy and finish my Michigan pillow though because I have been too busy admiring all the wool I bought!

Kim said...

I love the finish on that pillow. Maybe because it sparkles...:)

weaverpat said...

Thanks for all the great pictures from the Sauder show.
The little pumpkin pillow is so cute!
Rug designs found in the sand. hmmm... LOL!

Julia said...

How cute is that little lavender filled pillow. It must be a girl pumpkin with the pink sparkle.
I always love to see pictures of Sauder Village show.
Have a great day. JB

My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Alice,
What a beautiful flower...for some reason mine haven't blossomed yet.

Your finished pillow is beautiful and how sweet to find the sand art!


Ann said...

Hi Alice,

I'm SO happy we ran into each other at Sauder Village. Hopefully I will see you in November in Mansfield. I just cut into some of my hand-dyed wool that I purchased from you in March and it is PERFECT! I need some more. ~Ann

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Such fun when students share their work - for you and for us. Love that beach art and your hydrangea is amazing. I don't think I have seen that shape of flower before. Because of the dryness here, my gardens are pretty much done. I keep reminding myself they started a month early.

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