Saturday, August 18, 2012


Barbara Carroll is the featured teacher and there was a huge display of her rugs. This grouping are some of Barb's antique rugs and the inspiration for the patterns like them.

Love the chicken in the middle with the sparkles!! Miss Barbara is stepping out of her comfort zone ~ and of course, I love it!!!

I love the big rug in the middle "Boyertown Pups" ~ i need to put that on my list!

Hanging in the middle is maple sugar mold that inspired the hearts pattern to the left.

It had to be a lot of work to get all those rugs to the show but I'm sure everyone appreciated the effort so they could be shared with so many! I'm fortunate to be able to go to Barb's a couple of times a year and see them first hand ~ but it was still a treat to see them here displayed all together!

My couple of days at Sauder were spent walking, talking and eating and today this old girl is relaxing at the condo. This was such a beautiful sunrise this morning ~ you can enjoy it, too!
Have a good weekend!

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The Eveningstitcher said...

Hi Alice!! I did not see you at the show..I think you were probably busy teaching. It was a great show....I loved looking at Barb's rugs. Some were so big! Hope to see you at Malabar next month..I'm not selling....just shopping!

Julia said...

Hi Alice, it's nice seeing all the rugs. I wish that I lived closer so that I could meet you in person but I found you on Facebook. Your hubby and you make a very beautiful couple. It's nice putting a face to a blog friend.

Happy hooking. JB

Kim said...

That balcony sure looks inviting. Gee there has been so many great pics posted from Sauder. I like that sparkly chicken rug too. I tried to enlarge it to get a better view. You know I like the sparkly stuff.

s said...

Hi Alice!
Sorry I didn't get to see you at Sauder. I am sure you had a great class and lot's of fun. Planning on seeing you at Malabar.

Miccosukee said...

Glad you had fun at Sauder Have been anxiously waiting to hear about the trip and see your photos. They are the closest I will ever get to going there. Sometimes I wish we had never left Ohio...and then I remember "SNOW" and am content here in Tallahassee

annie said...

those are all fabulous!