Monday, August 20, 2012


Beautiful rug with the tree sculpted in the Waldboro style

Hooked mat in the middle with each tongue hand embroidered with wonderful stitching!

Cute little embellished Christmas hats!

The GreenMan mounted on a real log!

Closeup of GreenMan's face!

Great character rug!

Maria Barton's pattern!

Gorgeous Red Hat lady!

And I absolutely love this rug ~ beautifully hooked with beautiful colors.

The two days I spent at Sauder were full with looking at rugs, shopping ( I got a fabulous Skif sweater from Nola), teaching and visiting with friends! Went to dinner twice with Jackie and Deb ~ Martha joined us one night and Diana, Ann, Heidi K. And have another night! I so appreciated them asking me and driving me like Miss Daisy!!

Deb gifted me with this 31 bag that was monogrammed with Got Wool and full of goodies. Very sweet and thoughtful!!! I love 31 bags ~ how did Debbie know?!?

Today was another day of rest ~ tomorrow it's back to work for me!!! Hope you enjoyed the rugs ~ more to follow!!

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annie said...

all just wonderful, loved the green man!

Julia said...

Thanks for showing those interesting rugs . I love the green man rug too and that witch.

Saundra said...

All of the rugs you shared were wonderful, but want to tell you that my heart skipped a beat when I saw the wash day lady. Be still my heart!!!!!!

Do you recall who hooked that? I just LOVE that rug.


Miccosukee said...

Is "31 Bags" a Northern thing? I have never heard of them before. Although the goodies inside yours were wonderful. Thanks for the updates on the show.


Susan said...

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