Saturday, June 20, 2009


I love this rug ~ done in a class with Emma Lou Lais ~ and because I didn't label my rugs then, I don't know when it was hooked! Good lesson in labeling your rugs! Emma Lou had this pattern with her and a similar one is on her website ~ but it's not drawn just this way ~ it might be a one-of-a-kind!! Emma Lou is very into textures but when I asked if she minded if I used a vintage army blanket for the background, she was all for it! It was pretty flat looking, so I used some of my hand-dyed here and there to pick it up a little ~ and an old pin that I had bought at an auction, kind of set it off! It will always be one of my favorite pieces ~ more for the memories of hooking with Emma Lou ~ an absolutely great gal ~ who used to be a big band singer many years ago! She sang for us one evening and her voice was still like a song bird!

This has been a quiet week ~ lots of ball games ~ graduation parties and birthday parties! The great granddaughter was one year old last Saturday! And my husband's high school class had a 65th birthday gathering as most all will turn 65 sometime in this year ~ it was kind of fun ~ Sonny got to see his friends Roger & Fred ~ and I got to sit next to a fellow who shared with me (three different times) that he was a millionaire!!!!!!!! And that when he and his girlfriend go dancing in Arizona in the winter, that they dress like a cowboy and a cowgirl!!!!!!! And that he's bought her many cowgirl outfits and hats to match!!!!! And his girlfriend happens to be the old wife of Sonny's friend, Fred!!!!! And we all sat together!!!!! I said it was a quiet week? Now that's funny!!

On Tuesday, I have a luncheon for a Red Hat group ~ so, as usual lots to do ~ we are home this weekend as there was a graduation party last night for my great nephew. It seemed prudent to stay home the rest of the weekend and get a head start on the meal planning and grocery shopping for Tuesday. Right now it's raining and pretty gloomy out ~ it would be a great day to hook ~ I haven't done that in several weeks!! That floral stair riser that I was working on is still on the frame ~ it's for a challenge for a hook-in next week ~ wonder if it will be done!! My friend, Heidi, said hers isn't going to finished ~ it's a great little pattern but evidently not our style!!!! Stay tuned!

I hope you're having a good weekend ~ have fun!


JoJo said...

Busy, busy! I'm much more the stay-at-home, quiet type, I guess. When I'm too busy, I get so overly tired and the pain sets in worse than ever. Wish I had the energy to keep up with you.

It's raining here today. A great day to hook as I'm waiting for word from my uncle is dying. So I need to keep the computer up and running for her email. But once this rain stops, the heat sets in. High's in the upper 90's and lows in the mid 70's. Steambath weather....yucky.

Enjoy your running and your Red Hat Luncheon.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Holy crow, JoJo ~ upper 90's!!! I'd melt into a puddle of fat!! When it's humid, it's not a good thing for me!! i was out gardening all afternoon ~ trying to weed things before the ladies come to call!

And belated congratulations on your new grandchild!! Are you close by so you can see the little baby?

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
It sounds like you've hooked and learned with the best of the best! Love the rug ~ as always. I don't recall seeing that one at your house. Geez....I'll have to come!
Heve fun with your Tuesday luncheon. You are the hostess with the mostess.

Anonymous said...

Alice~I just love your stories! The millionaire and cowboy story..too funny! (: We have our grandchildren visiting this week..lots of fun to be had for sure..just wanted to pop in and say "hello". Have fun with your red hat friends..sounds like more fun stories ahead! (: Hugs~Kathy

JoJo said...

Sorry, Alice. I just saw your question. Actually, both of my kids like here in town. My daughter only lives all of 4 blocks from us and my son is about 2-3 miles away. Not only will be I able to see the new baby all the time, I get to babysit on occasion when she has to go out of town for the day for work.

With the exception of church this morning, yeppers, we've been home and hibernating. Hot, hot, HOT, and humid. The a/c's on, the ceiling fans are all running and the drapes are pulled. Anything to help keep the house cooler.