Monday, June 8, 2009


has arrived!! I leaned over the brick wall a little while ago to check on Mrs. Turkey and there, up by her head, were two little turkeys!!! So cute they are!! If you double click, you can see their little speckled bodies!!

Then while I watched, she got up and took a stroll ~ I think she was looking for some that strayed away from the nest! It looks like 9 eggs hatched ~ either 2 more to go or they just aren't going to. They really are cute little chicks ~ much more attractive than Mrs. Turkey!!

She was having a walk-about ~ no doubt, very weary from sitting on that nest so long! She strutted around clucking and chirping or whatever the devil that noise is ~ and then left a 'deposit' down on the little brick walkway outside my studio door. If this is any indication of what we have in store for us in this back garden ~ times 9 ~ you can bet my future postings will not be so warm and motherly!!!! This is not gonna be a good thing!!

I just checked on her and now she's moved them away from the nest into another area of the garden and is sitting on them (that has to be comfortable) because it's raining. Stay tuned!

We had a fun weekend at the lake ~ beautiful weather ~ no 'midgies' like my friend, Lauren, who is about 30 miles east of us along the lake. We sat on the rocks and enjoyed the sun, took a walk every day, went out to eat and on Saturday night, stopped at a place just up the road from us ~ they had a great band ~ we danced ~ and then our friends, who were driving, were ready to go home!! But not I ~ so we went back and got our car ~ and then we (me & the mister) returned for more dancing!! It was fun ~ we weren't out late but you sure see some interesting sights ~ we always manage to see something crazy that makes us feel better about ourselves!!!!

Back to reality ~ hope you had a fun weekend, too!


Unknown said...

Oh Alice,

Your turkey babies are adorable. I am so jealous as our duck's 10 eggs haven't hatched yet. I am getting a bit impatient, cause I can't do any gardening near her, and she has nested in the middle of one of my garden beds.

I love your latest rug, the colors are so beautiful!!

Wooly hugs,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~ The turkey babies are too cute.
Glad you had a great time at the lake and I'm happy you didn't have to contend with the midgies. You are absolutely correct ~ they all headed east. They eased up a bit yesterday and are virtually gone today. Finally. Now maybe I can get some yard work done before the arrival of the Canadian soldiers. Are those what you call the mayflies?

WoolenSails said...

Oh, they are so cute. Definitely cuter than what they will look like later, lol.