Friday, October 17, 2008


Six little grandpeople sitting on a log ~ last Sunday was so beautiful here in Ohio, so we planned a wiener roast down in our gravel pit ~ well, it used to be ~ now, it's a nice green meadow where we pile all our limbs and twigs for just such an occasion! There were 15 of us ~ a couple of local ones were missing and of course, the Seattle family is way too far away! Grandpa and I furnished the fire, the hot dogs, cider and chips and the girls brought a smorgasbord of yummy food!

Bobo (that's my gramma name) thought it would be fun if the kids carved pumpkins ~ seems like only the tops got cut and the insides got scooped out and then they were done!! And I made a huge bunch of pumpkin cut-out cookies and frosting and bought sprinkles so the little people could decorate them and take them home! The little darlings decorated only what they wanted to eat and left the rest for me to finish!!! We have a great property with lots of hills and trees and rocks and all the kids really want to do is run and climb and play ~ which is great!
When the moon came up thru the trees, I took this picture through the smoke of the fire and it came out pretty spooky looking, actually (see the orb)!! It was time for all the big kids to gather up their little kids and head for home with their half-carved pumpkins and plates of cookies! It was a fun evening and this gramma headed straight for my bed!

The next day, I delivered some cookies to a couple of friends ~ at my first stop, her cat bit me ~ at the second stop, I resisted the urge to pet the dog!! It's been a busy week which included a trip to Cleveland and the next day a trip to Columbus to the wholesale market! I've been doing a little hooking on a rug for a great niece ~ I should be hooking for my upcoming show! Guess I'll work on that next week! Have a good weekend!

P.S. Enter the give-away on last Friday's blog if you haven't already!

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