Monday, October 27, 2008


On Saturday, our lake friends, Karen (newly retired and loving life as you can see) and John, invited us all for a scary luncheon. Lots of good food and all done in a Halloween theme!

This bag o' bones was the centerpiece ~ wonder if it's anyone we knew?
This was truly 'finger food' ~ cute, isn't it? Carrot fingers with radish fingernails ~ Karen's sister JeanMarie is soooo talented!! I might add, Sonny and I served lunch on Friday ~ it consisted of crab soup and four bottles of wine!! It wasn't fancy but they seemed pretty happy when they left!! In the evening, we went to Mon Ami and ate some more and danced to Eddie and the Edsels ~ fun for old people!! And some of us are older than the rest!!!
This was our motley crew as we got ready to leave for the Jet Express ride over to Put-in-Bay! Some dressed up and some were just glad to be there!! There were three witches in our crowd (sadly, the pointy part of my witch hat was drooping) ~ a hippie ~ the Phantom of the opera ~ a couple dressed as really old people that never went out of character ~ and a guy that thought he was a bathing beauty!! We had a fun night over at the Bay ~ dancing to the Bomb Squad and The Menus ~ and seeing all kinds of crazy costumes and crazy people wearing them!

And this is today's reality in Ohio ~ snow ~ the same picture as my last post!! It actually has melted now and I'm off to lunch with friends!! Yippee!! Of course, I should be working ~ but I can't turn down an opportunity to visit and eat ~ friends help soothe the soul ~ and I'm so grateful for mine!!

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JoJo said...

The bag o' bones centerpiece is cute but I really love the carrot fingers!! How do people ever think of these things? I had to smile, seeing these things sticking out of the dip!! And they look SO real!

The snow picture? Okay, you can keep that one to yourself. I was just moaning to my baby sister this morning that fall is my favorite season and yet, it sure seems to be the shortest one too. Now why is that? I missed all of spring, confined to the house in that darn wheelchair and now, already, it's too cool out.

I'd like to put an order in with Mother Nature for about 3 weeks of 74 degree weather, adequate rain (but only at night) and a soft breeze. Think I have any chances of getting that? Yeah, that's what I thought too....LOL.

Again, I love your pictures!!!