Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good Morning ~ I'm sitting at the computer having my morning coffee out of my "I LOVE RUG HOOKING" mug that RHM was selling at the Sauder Village show. It was so cute, with it's heart shaped handle, that who could resist it?

At a hook-in, a couple of month's ago, someone said they needed Rebecca Erb's "wild mushroom" wool. Last night, while working on getting my pit of a hooking room straightened up ~ I found that I have two yards of it (the one on the left) and two yards of something I don't know the name of ~ but it's a good companion to 'wild mushroom'. If anyone is interested, email me at gfraizer@neo.rr.com! I have a show coming up November 1 and it seems that I need to get some organization to that room so I can create some new small hooked pieces to sell! And I need to get back to the dye pot ~ so much to do and so little time!

This fishing boat was just off our balcony Sunday morning ~ fishermen checking their nets ~ I'm not sure what they catch in those nets, but I thought it looked like a bit of New England. Sonny went fishing that morning (not on that boat!) with our neighbors and brought home a 'fine kettle of fish' ~ well, enough for a nice meal last night!! Sonny is the fish fryer and likes to dip it in milk and then cornmeal ~ seems we had no milk (we don't drink it) so he used my hazelnut creamer!! It was good but kind of weird!

Saturday, on our Kelley's Island trip, we found these ruins of on old island winery ~ there was a for sale sign at the end of the drive that caught my eye and through the trees, we could see the remainder of what we thought was the old Kelley's Island Winery. Our friends, who have a home on Kelley's, said there were several wineries on the island in years past and they weren't sure which one this was ~ but we got off our cart (which our friends so kindly left at the Ferry for us to drive around that day!) and walked back into the area ~ kind of an interesting old place ~ it would be kind of fun to restore if you had a pile of money! There were remnants of all four walls ~ a great place for a secret garden!

There were other interesting sites that day and I hadn't taken the camera (I don't take a purse on such trips so no where to carry it) so there were some nice photos that I missed. At the ruins, Sonny suggested I use my phone ~ duh! ~ wish we would have thought of it at the Glacial Grooves and the beach that was all big flat rocks! My friend took some photos so if she sends them my way, I'll post them.

If anyone watched Extreme Makeover on Sunday night, my step-son, Chris, was a part of the drilling team that drilled the geothermal wells. We watched carefully, but he wasn't on camera unless it was from behind! They went down to southern Ohio on a Saturday and worked all night into Sunday and returned home later that day. He said it was a good experience ~ that family was so deserving!

Today, I'm off to the lake ~ I left my wool cutter and favorite hook up there this weekend and can't produce anything without them!! Someone I know really well says "what you don't have in your head, you must have in your feet"! So, I'm rousting my son, Tad, out of bed and we're heading north ~ we'll go to our favorite place for a nice breakfast ~ they serve late! Oh, we had our flu shots yesterday ~ have you had yours? Have a good day!


Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...love the photos! I watch Extreme Makeover religiously! How cool that he was in it! This next episode is about a teacher who lives not too far from me here in WI. Love all your tramping around...and the ruins! Ohmy...just gotta love the thought of that.

Unknown said...

Great mug.
I watch Extreme Make every week, cool that your step son got to be one to help out.
Enjoyed seeing your adventures in the wine ruins.

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Sam I Am said...

OOooo how I'd love to visit those ruins and take pictures...it looks soo pretty there!!
thanks for stopping by my blog :)
p.s. will you be going to the "From Our Hands" show in columbus ? nov. 1st i think it is..

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes, Sam, I will be at From Our Hands on Nov. 1st ~ will you? Aren't you from California?
Thanks, girls, for the comments ~ I love it when you all respond!

JoJo said...

I really enjoy your photos, Alice. The boat off your balcony reminds me of living in the lighthouse and the lobster boats that used to go by. And the winery? What a neat place to explore.

I also have to tell you that I love your mug. With that heart handle, I wouldn't have been able to resist it either.

Unknown said...

You always know just what to say...and I wanted to thank you for that!!

Love the pics, and Extreme Makeover is one of my fav shows. I enjoyed the tour of the wine ruins as well!

Wooly hugs,