Thursday, October 2, 2008


Another hour + of hooking last night and the background of the crow pattern is done! It was late when I finally got to my hooking room but I was committed ~ tonite (by 'hook' or by crook) the border and star will be finished!

The next two pictures are in our kitchen - keeping room. This one is over the dry sink ~ an old drying rack filled with antique baskets, artist's baskets and even a couple that I have made ~ I've done a little bit of everything thru the years! The pumpkin mat is one of my favorites for sure! Cilla Cameron made this piece for the class she taught us when our group went to England in 2006 ~ after the class I practically begged her to sell it to me and happily, she agreed! It is a combination of hooking and proddy and clipped hooked loops, too. There is a bit of dyed nylon that she hooked for the stems, dyed pipe cleaners for the tendrils and dyed Wensleydale fleece used in the border and as accents thoughout. It is absolutely a great piece ~ beautiful depth of color in the dyed wool ~ creative use of a variety of materials ~ and a wonderful basic design to work from!! I thank Cilla so much for letting me bring this piece of her artwork back to Ohio with me!!'

Sitting below all that is the antique dry sink that belonged to my husband's grandmother ~ we bought it and the butter churn, at the left, at auction when she broke up housekeeping over twenty years ago ~ back when we really didn't have money to buy such things but so glad that we did!! The hooked Welcome mat hanging over the sink is a Margo White pattern that I started at a class of hers at Shaker Village in Kentucky several hears ago now. It's perfect over the dry sink where I serve a 'welcome punch' when the various groups come for lunch ~ a little candlelight ~ a little rosemary lemonade ~ I hope it's a nice way to begin their visit!

Last night, our good friends took us out for dinner as a belated Anniversary present ~ what a nice surprise! Then I came home and hooked on the crow mat and shorten a pair of pants for grandson, Luke ~ which had to be delivered before school this morning!! That would be me ~ why do today what I can put off until tomorrow!!! I have two more pair to do for him ~ wonder what would happen if I did both of them today??!! Can any of you relate to that??


JoJo said...

Alice, you're beginning to rival Sunnie with your hooking speed. Can't get over how quickly you knocked out this darling crow! And thank you for including the darling pictures of your kitchen and the hooked mats. I so love your decorating style.

shabbysheep said...

Alive, love the drysink. Isn't it something to be able to own a piece like this from a loved one? I also love the wide cut crow. I just changed to an 8.5 for a Santa project I started last night. That's my widest so far.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Glad you like the pictures, girls! Jojo, I'll post more of the kitchen/keeping room as time goes by ~ I don't want to show everything all at once ~ have to have something to keep you coming back!!
Shabbysheep ~ you'll love the 8.5 and then you can keep getting wider and wider! If the design can take it, you can move so much faster!