Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Not a lot to write about this evening ~ just wanted to show some fall photos around our property! The dark red foliage to the right is oakleaf hydrangea ~ as pretty in the fall as when it's in bloom.
By the garden gate ~ a conglomeration of mums and odd pumpkins ~ the white is a lumina pumpkin, the dark orange - a cinderella pumpkin ~ and I can't remember the name of the lightest orange one. There is a place north of here that my son calls "the funky pumpkin patch" where we get the unusual ones. The rest came from an Amish farm in the area ~ great prices ~ helped to make up for the prices at the funky patch!

Just a primitive guy carved out of a big chunk of wood ~ and a little pumpkin nestled in one of the summer planters. And leaves ~ we have trees and leaves galore!
I put little mini's in the transoms above the doors ~ it's a good thing as long as I remember to remove them before winter ~ one year, I just didn't get around to it and with the freezing and the thawing ~ well, use your imagination!! It wasn't pretty!!

There's my Mr. Kitty looking out the window ~ he's waiting for 'Chipster' to appear ~ that's the name my friend gave those little critters that run rampant around here!
These two photos are just little vignettes on our breezeway ~ I love fall decorating ~ love the colors of fall ~ including this one last geranium that I couldn't discard ~ not just yet!

I wrote this posting last night so I wouldn't spend half my morning lining up words with pictures and figuring out what words to say (it takes me forever!)~ now, I'm off to do laundry, office work and the hooking room ~ there's definitely lots to do around here! At the beginning of this post, I said there wasn't much to write about ~ but I sure managed, didn't I!!!
Have a good fall day, wherever you are ~ enjoy the sunshine ~ enjoy your life!!


Jacque. said...

Lovely photos, Alice! You did manage to find a few things to say, hey?

JoJo said...

Alice, your photos are wonderful!! I always love to see the pictures because that, more than anything, lets me have a glimpse into your life. The picture of the mini pumpkins on the transom is adorable. How ever did you think of this? Just a great place to decorate!!

Oh, and since I've been off line for the past two days, I wanted to comment on the wonderful pictures of you and Sonny on Kelly Island. Fantastic pictures of you and hubby and of the scenery too.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Jacque and JoJO ~ thanks, girls!! Glad you like the pix ~ you can't go wrong with pumpkins and mums!! You guys are so good to check in ~ thanks!!

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