Tuesday, October 21, 2008


These pictures are from our recent trip over to Kelley's ~ Carol just emailed them to me and since there's not a lot to write about today ~ here we go! This beautiful spot was at the end of the road that goes past the Winery. Our driver ~ Sonny ~ decided we needed a tour and this is where we landed ~ this beautiful rocky shore on this small island in Lake Erie ~ beautiful, isn't it?

Carol ~ the photographer ~ and Bill ~ our lake friends ~ out of the four couples who planned to go that day but only the two of us made it! We had a fun day for sure!

Here's us ~ Sonny, the golf cart driver extraordinaire and his co-pilot! This was just such a beautiful spot that we all had to have our pictures taken here!
This is ABSOLUTELY my favorite place on the island (it ranks right up there with the Village Pump and their famous brandy alexanders!) ~ The Glacial Grooves! This formation was left by the glacier that moved across this continent eons ago ~ much of this was lost to the stone quarry on Kelley's before they knew exactly what this was. It's all guarded by chain link fence with placards and pictures along the path that surrounds it ~ to me, it's kind of a spiritual place when you realize how very long ago the glacier was travelling across this land where we now live. On our property here at home, there are formations called 'puddingstone' which were also left by that same glacier ~ pretty amazing! So every time we go to Kelley's, I campaign to get a cart and ride out there ~ obviously, they never change but I just love it there ~ and Carol does, too ~ now I have a Glacial Grooves buddy!!

This beautiful sunset marks the end of our day as we ride the Kelley's Island ferry back to Marblehead ~ lots of fun things happened in between these pictures but you don't really want to see us eating German food and slugging down wine! A good time was had by all and thanks to Carol for sharing her pictures!

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