Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This is the make-do chair that I picked up at the market a couple of weeks ago ~ it will go to my show next weekend. It's a very appealing little piece, don't you think? I like to pick up odds and ends to add a little extra interest to my booth ~ I'll take some pictures of my set-up at the show, so you can see what I do!

Yesterday, I did a little dyeing ~ I didn't start until almost 3 in the afternoon (a school friend was here and we worked on our 45th reunion plans) and then the mister and I had to be ready to go to dinner at 6 at a friend's home. Miss Margo fixed us stuffed peppers ~ she knows it's my very favorite ~ they were yummy!! Two dye pots were left outside in the drive and on the deck ~ I added the vinegar when we returned home at 9:30 and as soon as this blog is posted, I'll lift the lids and see what happened!!!

My dyeing probably leaves a lot to be desired as far as the purists go! And I was feeling a little inadequate in that department until I read, just last night, in one of Deanne Fitzpatrick's books, that she doesn't really use a recipe or record what she does. Sunnie Andress, who's blog is listed at the right, recently posted that she "doesn't really record her formula's and adds a little this and a little that"!! Reading that in print goes a long way to validate for me that I'm not just being kind of free-wheeling but maybe, shall we say, more artistic!!! That makes me feel a lot better!! Except if someone calls and wants more of something they bought from me a while ago ~ then it gets scary!! Flying by the seat of my pants is so uplifting!!!!

Another not so good dyeing habit, is that I try to cram too much wool into the pot and my colors often come out lighter than I'd like! So, yesterday, I tried to follow the rules (it's hard, might I add) and do the recommended amount of wool. I just peeked in one of the pots and amazingly, there is this deep rich color!!! I say 'amazingly' ~ others might say "duh"! There's more dyeing on today's schedule and I'm going to use the leftover water and start from there ~ I started doing that last year and it does conserve water, of course, and takes me down a little different path!! Tomorrow, I'll show you the fruits of my labor!!

Have a good day!


JoJo said...

Alice, I love your chair! And I also love your dyeing attitude. In so many things, life is rigid so if you can "fly by the seat of your pants," that's wonderful.

I'm looking forward to your show pictures so I can get to know you better. I'll also wait patiently for any house pictures you wish to post. But Kaye's comments make it difficult.

bittersweet said...

Jojo, sorry couldn't help myself, i really am in love with her house.
The wait will be worth it.
Alice, love that chair i am trying to get one covered similar to that one.

JoJo said...

Kaye, are you the same Kaye whose house and rugs are featured in the new Celebrations? If so, WOW! I love your home also but the exterior of your home really belies the interior. So beautifully primitive and old fashioned! And your rugs!! I think I drooled all over my Celebrations as I looked at them.

I used to think I was more 'into' a smaller cut but last month, one of the ladies at my hookin brought a huge rug that she'd hooked in a 9 and 10.........and it was so gorgeous, soft and a dream to see. Then I saw your rugs. Be still my heart!

I think I see another order to Townsend in my future for a larger cutter head. Your rugs, and your home, are an inspiration.

Now I think I'll have to add you, along with Alice, to people I'd love to meet.