Monday, August 18, 2008


These two rugs show very dark but I think if you double click on them, they will show up better. The runner is very long ~ it took up an entire backdrop plus some of the ones on either side. It was very dark but very showy! The bottom rug is quite a looker also!

This red, white and blue is sculptured ~ many of the motifs were hooked high and then trimmed ~ lots of dimension in this rug! Also, it gives me ideas ~ if I can remember them!!

I love Santa Claus and this rug just took my eye ~ I believe Keith Kemmer was the artist. Love all the little houses running around the border!

There are more Sauder pix that I will post this week. I want to keep you waiting for the rest!! Not really ~ just saving them so I have something to write about this week!

My friends Heidi, Cindy, and Peg and I went to the rug show on Wednesday ~ we were there from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. We went thru the rug show several times, shopped the vendors, ate in the Barn restaurant (they have a wonderful buffet!) and for the first time, we went thru the classrooms. We didn't know that was available to us but if the door is open and the 'Welcome Visitors' sign is out, you can stroll around and look at all the rugs in progress! And a lot of rugs there were ~ and women and a couple of men, just swimming in wool!! Maybe next year, that will be us!! We're thinking we might 'take the plunge'!!!

Gene Shepherd and I converse thru email and our blogs ~ so we set up a time to meet and chat a bit. He's an interesting fellow ~ full time pastor and it seems, a full time rug hooker and an author. His newest proddy book was there (only one copy) which will be coming out this fall. It was good being able to see his work first hand and see his class project unfold ~ beautiful colors in a 10 cut mat that he's doing.

At the end of the day, we drove to our lake condo (minus Cindy, who had to leave us), and it was nice to sit on the deck and watch the water go by for a while! We had some adult beverages, and then finally had some dinner at 9 that night!! The next day we went out for breakfast ~ heaven forbid if we miss a meal! ~ and then headed to a yarn shop, Just for Ewe ~ over near Marblehead. I thought the girls might like it there!! They carry such unusual things ~ lots of handspuns and painted yarns and nubby yarns ~ just color and texture everywhere ~ not your run of the mill yarn shop for sure!! Then back to the condo for some hooking! We were joined by a gal we met at a hook-in, who lives close by ~ Pat spent the afternoon with us and we enjoyed her company immensely!! Our friend, Peg, doesn't hook but I showed her how to needle felt and I think she likes it!! We'll see what she does next!!!

We arrive back home around 6 because the next day I had to go to a wholesale market in Columbus to pick up a few things to add to my booth for my next show. I found a real cute rocker ~ I'll post that in a few days! And then we headed back to the lake in the afternoon!! I'm afraid if I stand still, moss will start growing!! Saturday we went to a wine tasting in Sandusky ~ 15 wineries and several food vendors with very tasty morsels to buy!! Then on Sunday, my step-son, Brian and his wife dropped by ~ we went to Mon Ami winery for jazz and a little lunch on the lawn ~ they were celebrating their 17th Anniversary! Congratulations to them!!

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JoJo said...

Alice, thanks for posting some of the rugs from Sauder. I'll be looking forward to the ones you post for the rest of the week. And although I didn't get here over the weekend, thank you so much for getting that picture of Helen's Tapestry. I love the one you found at Sauder but also love Sunnie's because the way Sunnie is doing hers is very "Sunnie-isk." Her rug matches her personality. But it's interesting to see how different people interpret the same rug.

bittersweet said...

Alice, don't you love the long runner, wish i had the patience to do another big rug.
Sauder was great and thanks for sharing your pics with us.

Anonymous said...

Your musings about the Sauder show make me want to add it to my list of shows to attend. I love the runner, and always enjoy looking at how creative people can be with little strips of wool. Thanks for sharing the photo's and I'll look forward to seeing the rest. It sounds like you had a relaxing time!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks, girls ~ we did have a very relaxing time but so much to see and take in all in one day! I love Sunnie's rendition of Helen's tapestry, too, Jojo. And that long runner was spectacular ~ my photo didn't do it justice for sure!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing these rugs from Sauder. Each one is amazing and inspiring.
I continually watch Sunnie work on hers.
Looking forward to more pictures.

Katie Paxton
primitive woolen

Mary Stanley said...

Love seeing the rugs from Sauder. But most of all I love the "catfish" rug you made! Just wonderful! and thanks for your Blog visit!