Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is an Oakleaf hydrangea plant off our brick walkway ~ my friend sent a couple pieces of this home with us a few years ago and it has grown to be nice large plant! The other one is by the drive and it's a monster!! The sculpture behind it is made of rebar and pieces from some kind of farm equipment and some tin hearts ~ I loved this piece when I saw it at the antique show in Springfield, Ohio several years ago ~ nice and rustic against the cedar siding. The green leaf to the left of the picture is horseradish!!! Sonny grinds that up and puts it in jars for gifts and for himself ~ I don't eat horseradish only in ketchup for shrimp cocktail ~ then it's good!

The wine order from the wine party came in on Monday ~ three cases of it!! Everyone but one couple, had their wine shipped here because I'm home all the time ~ it has to be signed for or UPS won't leave it. So ~ I got to sort the orders out ~ make sure everyone got what they were supposed to ~ and then deliver it!! A case is going to our lake friends this weekend and the others go to my son and their friends!! Sonny and I had a little sample of what he ordered that night ~ pinot noir ~ not for me!! One of the bottles that I ordered was an Asti ~ that suits me very well!!

And my wool order arrived Tuesday!! So the washer and dryer have been working overtime and it's all ready to go!! I sell wool out of my home studio and I have a show coming in September ~ so there are some interesting new wools available! Another one will be arriving the end of the month ~ I'm ready for whatever the universe is sending my way!!!!!!!!

This week, I've made yet another commitment to exercise ~ I'm gonna get this body in shape, I swear!! Yesterday, I was on the AbLounger - Sport model (whatever that means) and was so into it that I slid off it and landed on my head and then had to do a sideways summersalt to dislodge myself!!! I hit my head on a small bolt that was on the metal support underneath the thing and felt like there was a hole in my head (along with the others!) ~ I considered writing a note for my husband that in case he found me dead, that is the reason why!! As the day wore on ~ I recovered but it would have been a great Candid Camera shot!!!!!!!!!

Office work awaits ~ I keep thinking I'm going to get fired from this good job ~ but it seems he hangs onto me for some weird reason!!! One might be that no one else could come into this office and make sense of it! Have a good day!!


JoJo said...

Alice, this hydrangea is gorgeous! Good grief, woman, I love the stuff you have in your yard.

As for the exercising, I'm trying to get back to that myself. I went too far the other day and had a hard time getting back home....I had no cane with me, nothing. So now, at least until my leg is better, I'm confining myself to doing circles around our cul-de-sac. But at least I'm doing something.

I hope you're having a good weekend.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

JOJO ~ so glad you surfaced!! It's wonderful that you are up and moving again!! It does seem like it takes a long time to get your strength back ~ but you will and it will all seem like a bad dream!!
Glad to hear from you and you're right about the hydrangea ~ that was taken a few weeks back ~ now it is turning shades of rose and green! Take care and don't wander too far from home!