Monday, August 25, 2008

Nothing much to post today, so I thought I would show you the house exterior. One of my hooking friends, Kaye, asked me a while ago to do this. Miss Kaye's home is featured in the new Celebrations magazine ~ now that's a fabulous house ~ and all those rugs!! So here it is, Kaye ~ we built our house 15 years ago using a McKie Wing Roth colonial reproduction house plan. Sonny has built three other homes for customers using his plans ~ very cozy and looks like it's been here a long time!

This is located to the left of the front of the house ~ a fence row of hydrangeas that I planted myself! Hydrangeas are so easy to grow ~ I just pulled a stem and root out of the ground ~ stuck it in the new spot, mounded earth around it and watched them grow!! Right now, as fall approaches, the great big blooms are a lovely shade of lime green!

We had one more fun weekend at the lake ~ went to our favorite marina bar late Friday afternoon with our friends and when we returned home, everyone went outside for 'rock sitting' ~ except me!! I went to 'couch' and got up at 9:30 and went to bed ~ sometimes this old girl has to give in and rest!! Saturday, we headed for Put-in-Bay ~ four couples of us ~ we made the rounds of the most fun spots ~ starting with the only winery on the island. We took our own snacks after one friend observed a couple weeks ago, that other people were having little feasts at their picnic tables! We used to 'sneak' in pretzels and tidbits but this time we went all out ~ cheeses, crackers, meat sticks, nuts, etc.!!! Then we looked at the table next to us ~ they had a tablecloth, plastic wine goblets, chicken, egg rolls,a veritable buffet ~ we were drooling!! But after a couple of bottles of wine ~ per couple ~ and watching them haul out three coolers, we decided ours was just fine!! We pitched our zip-locks and grocery bags in the trash ~ we had nothing to carry for the rest of the day!! Except for our friend, Annie, who carried one bag of leftover cheese chunks for me in her purse ~ it was cheese ball by the time we arrived back at night!!! We finished off the evening with bruschetta that Annie had made and homemade peach cobbler, that I baked before we left!! Once again ~ a good time was had by all!! The only downside was that one couple couldn't come as her dad is very ill ~ we missed them a bunch and spoke of them often during the day ~ we're keeping their family in our prayers every day.

It's 2:30 in the afternoon and I'm determined I'm going to dye some wool today ~ and make the handles for those purses I'm working on - I'll let you know how it goes!! 'Talk' to you soon!


JoJo said...

*Sigh* Now it's definite. I'm going to have to come and steal your house. It's so beautiful, Alice, and I've always been partial to colonials and New England saltboxes. I know I'd have a terrible time with the stairs but, oh, well. It'd be worth it. And your gardens! Oh, my, be still, my heart!

Would it be possible, without being too intrusive, to have you post pictures of the interior of the house.....more specifically, your kitchen? I have a feeling I'll be heartsick when I see them but boy, I'm so curious.

Your weekends too are a darn sight more interesting than mine.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

JoJo ~ Don't be heartsick!! Remember, when you see something you envy ~ you would have to accept the whole package!! And parts of this package can get pretty tedious!! I just tell you the fun parts! I'll show you the kitchen one day ~ I have to save some things for those times there's nothing to post! And these stairs are supposed to keep this old girl in shape ~ not happening!! We have to stay healthy for a long time so we can enjoy this home! Thank you, as always, for your compliments!!

bittersweet said...

Thanks Alice, your house is so special, always wanted a saltbox but that isn't going to happen. Yours is so special. Love everything about it and you know i love your kitchen and oh those floors, those i still want to do,my dh has to see before he believes how wonderful yours are.
Girls wait til she shows the interior of her home.
My hydrangas were beautiful til the deer decided they liked them for breakfast and 5:00 dinner. Oh well they have to eat too.

Kim said...

Alice--I always love the pics you post! Gorgeous!!!

I've given you the "I Love Your Blog" award!