Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This is such a cute logo ~ and I thank Kim of for bestowing this on my ramblings! Kim and I 'met' online when she was recently shopping for a hooking frame and floorstand! Her blog tells me she is a quilter but I know Kim is soon going to be a 'hooker'!!! Part of this award is to in turn bestow it upon 7 other bloggers ~ recently I had to pick 5 of my favorite blogs for the Kreativ Blogger award and that was hard ~ because I like so many and for sure all the ones I have listed on the left of the page deserve the "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award!!!! So consider yourselves bestowed with this honor!!! Thank you again, Kim!! And I will be adding your blog to my list ~ I didn't even know you had one until now but definitely will be checking in on you!!!