Friday, August 15, 2008


At the Sauder Village rug show on Wednesday, this rug "Helen's Tapestry" was there in all it's glory! This is the rug that Sunnie Andress is hooking right now and has on her blog ~ if you click on 'Sunnie Andress blog' from my list of favorites, you'll be right there! I emailed Sunnie this photo and she asked me to post it on Wool Snippets for her, but the file was too big or that's what the message told me, at any rate. So I'm posting it here for you all to view ~ it's very different than Sunnie's and it's interesting to look at them both! That dear Sunnie called me her "Wool Sister" ~ don't you just love that??!!! I do regret not getting the name of the artist who hooked it ~ so many things going on that day!

Sauder Village was just great ~ we had a long day there and I know I missed some things for sure. I have other pix that will be on the next post ~ but wanted to get this one on for Sunnie. Have a good weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Alice for photographing this rug! : )

I appreciate it so much and thanks for giving the Snippets group a place to see it! : )

(I'll direct my Blog visitors over here when I post today... so they can see it as well!!!!!)

I'll bet that show was just wonderful!!!!!! : )

Hugs from your Wool Sister, Sunnie : )

ShabbySheep said...

Alice, thanks for showing us the rug. It is very interesting comparing it to Sunnie's (which I like better) Can't wait to see other pics of the show.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Sherry ~ I was so happy to be able to do that for Sunnie!! I will post some more probably on Monday unless there is some down time before that. Right now, I'm going to 'rock sit' for a bit and then hook for a bit!!! Then to an afternoon wine tasting!! Yippee!!!

Tammy said...

What a beautiful rug!

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