Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 Finally!  Thought I better post the rugs we all worked on while at the Woolley Fox three weeks ago ~ time flies!  This upside down photo is my rug ~ 1668 GEOMETRIC ~ with each design done in a variety of paisleys.  I'm fortunate to have quite a collection of bits and pieces and as Barb laid them all out on her work table, in color categories, it was obvious to hook the design in that way.  The design looks to me like a Dresden Plate quilt pattern which will stand out nicely  in a black confetti background.  The upside down numbers will be done in 'friendship' strips ~ each one of my hooking pals gave me a strip from their rug ~ it will be a little remembrance of our fun week!  And I think I have a neat idea for the border ~ I have to get the rug done first and then we'll see how that develops!  I haven't hooked on this rug since I got home ~ it really would go pretty fast if I'd set my mind to it!  The last design will be done in shades of orange paisley ~ maybe this weekend?!

This beautiful rug is being hooked by "Minnesota Mary" ~ she's gonna love that name!!  The design is called SAUGUS ~ aren't the colors just fabulous?  Mary started this rug at another class although she hooks very fast, I didn't want you to think she got her rug almost finished in our three days!! It's a big one, too!

 This nice horsey rug ~ SNYDER MAGDALENA ~  is Donna's ~ our leader!  Donna puts this group together and a fine job she does!  We have the best time and like the same things ~ hooking, shopping, eating ~ and we're very  good at all those things!  This rug is another big one and required a lot of color planning ~ I would never have this all figured out by the time I left ~ good luck, Miss Donna ~ and thanks for including me on your list!!!!!!

TENNESSEE HEARTS!  That's Maria's rug of choice this time ~ done in lovely soft colors to go with her new decor at home!  We had fun at the yarn shops and both bought Oxford punch tools to use with wool strips and big yarn ~ just a little something extra to add to a rug!!  I've tried mine out a little and getting the loops even is something I haven't quite mastered ~ it's something that's not even close to looking nice!!  Just what I need is to learn a new thing!

 Judy hooks ~ and hooks ~ and hooks!  Some of us are big talkers but look how much she accomplished in three days!!  I LOVE this rug ~ 1901 CATS  ~ and her color choices!  This is another sizable rug ~ these gals don't mess around!  I do hope the girls will send me pictures of their finished rugs, although they should all appear on Barb's website at some point in time! 

One last picture of Posie, the kitty ~ all stretched out on Maria's lap so you can all see how big she is! We had much fun with Posie  ~ she definitely is a well-loved addition to Barb's household!

I'm off to the grocery ~ we're having Thanksgiving dinner with my son, Ted and family!  They cook the bird in a cooking bag ~ very moist! They do the dressing, too, and we provide everything else!  So, I must be off before the store gets to crowded. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing our rugs and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, filled with lots of family and lots of food and lots of love!  Sonny and I are very thankful to have great kids and grandkids that like us and each other!  We're thankful for good health, improving business, wonderful friends and I'm very thankful for each one of you that stops by here to see what's going on in this crazy household!  I've heard that if we never say another prayer other than "Thank you", that will be enough ~ it's good to be grateful!

Have a happy weekend!


Kim said...

I think color planning those large beautiful rugs would push me right over the edge. I'm always so impressed by those who have the "color planning gene". I get so intimidated.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving. We have already had ours in Canada (October) so I am a little jealous. Maybe I should cook a feast and celebrate again? lol

Miccosukee said...

Thanks for finally showing the rugs. I have a kit for "Tennessee Hearts" with all these beautiful wools and have decided I don't want to hook it. I have too many others to do.

Have a great Thanksgiving. If I was closer, I would come by. You always do a great spread and your sweetie is making all those pies.

Peace and happiness to you,

Kim said...

Alice---you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

I absolutely love all of these rugs...the colors are all 'me'!! Gorgeous!

acorn hollow said...

So nice to see all the wonderful rugs.

Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...ohmy...almost makes me want to start hooking again. Almost. Those rugs are all going to be so gorgeous!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Tony Latham said...


thanks for sharing the rugs...the colors are soft muted and lovely.
the paisleys in your rug are exquisite.
have a wonderful and happy holiday

from me to thee......... said...

omg these rugs are so the colors and patterns, awesome. do any of you ladies have trouble with your wrist hurting or hands going numb?

PatSloan said...

I really love your rugs! I need to get one out that is almost done... and it's small!

woolmaven said...

Love your recent post. Can't wait for our next workshop. I have a wonderful group of friends to hook with. Donna

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
ALL the rugs are beautiful!
Hope you and Sonny had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Hugs :)