Friday, June 4, 2010


We went to our friend's auction (they're retiring to Hilton Head - lucky ducks!) and we were able to 'win' the bidding for this great old red cupboard!!!!  I told Danese, when I saw this several years ago, that I loved it and now we are the proud owners!! Yay!!  I have been wanting a cupboard to house the many sets of dishes that I have crammed in an antique dry sink and the cupboard above the fridge ~ you know how often I get those out ~ too high to reach, etc.  So now, I have a place that will be very handy and it backs up a nice high settee and they serve as a dividing point between the dining and living area of that long room!!  I'm a happy camper!

Another great find was this miniature potting shed that I had admired out by their very neat garden shed!  For today's photo shoot, it's sitting on a nice old stone bench in front of our overgrown boxwood hedge!!  Danese told me that it was on the cover of County Living magazine years ago and somehow she became the proud owner ~ now I am!!  The doors open and the roof hinges back so it could be set up like a real little potting shed with miniature garden tools, etc.  Maybe I'll work on that!

At any rate, we had a great time at the auction ~ Heidi went with me ~ she is a long time friend of theirs ~ so it was bittersweet to know that our friends are leaving the area ~ but a fun day gathering things that we will love as much as they did!  Sonny bought lumber for his lumber stash ~ much like rug hookers buy wool for their wool stash!!  And he got a neat chimney pot and big thick piece of slate ~ he thinks he'll put them together to make a garden table!!!! 

I have been m-i-a in blogworld for the last couple of weeks. So much going on and I want to post pictures of the various things ~ I'll try to keep more current!  I had a Red Hat group last week ~ I told those girls to watch for their picture ~ they must be wondering where they are.  We've been to Little League opening day and dance recitals and all kinds of fun things ~ soon I'll post about them ~ I love to tell you about what we're up to but it seems like our world is spinning so fast, I can't get it all together!!!  I hope it's smooth sailing in your various corners of the world and that summer is treating you well!  Ohio has had it's share of rain and storms ~ although, many of them have passed by our little town ~ miraculously!!!  Take care and I'll talk to you soon!!
Thanks for stopping by ~ I love 'seeing' you!


Kim said...

Alice I love both of your 'wins'!!!!! LOVE!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I just love your new treasures!!! I'm a sucker for cupboards and that is a wonderful one. Lucky you.
So glad you haven't fallen off the face of blogland :-)
Pug hugs,

Cathy G. said...

That is a great cupboard! One can never have too many especially us dish lovers!! The miniature potting shed is a fun piece! I like it on the stone bench. I know how summers can get just crazy! It's in full swing here too! Appreciate any "blog time" you can give us Alice! Summers are too short too spend much of it on the computer! Cathy G

Reading up a storm said...

The world does seem to be spinning fast, doesn't it. i decided that today, with 2 days to go for our cruise, I'd just loaf. It's now 10:41 and I haven't stopped checking my packing, reviewing my to do list. I look forward to your Red Hat sharing. I've thought of joinng such a group but haven't stopped running since I retired 10 years ago. I won't be commenting (or following) your postings until after July 3 when we return from our days aboard ship. Have a great month of June!!

jane augenstein said...

Wow, Alice!!! What a great cupboard you got, I am envious! I love cupboards like that, too cool! The mini potting shed is too cute, also love the stone bench. I have saved and saved rocks around here on the farm for benches and such, I have a huge rock pile and probably a nice place for snakes!
Sounds like you have been having lots of fun and been super busy!
Gilly has been up to no good again!

Kim said...

That little mini potting shed is adorable. What a find! You had a treasure-filled day!

Jacque. said...

ohWOW! Love your treasures...especially the cupboard! It looks great!

Morna Crites-Moore said...

Wonderful cupboard!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

I saw that auction in the paper, I forgot about it. My grandfather owned a farm down the road from them. Beautiful cupboard!!