Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last Saturday, friend Heidi and I went to the hook-in at Kingwood Center in Mansfield ~ it was put together by Katie Allman with lots of her friends as her support team!  It was really nice and there were hookers in abundance!!  All these birdhouse rugs and wall hangings were part of a challenge that Katie set up last year ~ we bought a kit with the patterns drawn on wool, some instructions as to what we were to do and the wool to do it!  There were 19 very creative entries!   The second photo shows some framed, some with the entire piece hooked, others with just the design itself hooked.  The third photo shows the winner of the People's Choice award ~ and that was the one with one birdhouse and Sylvester and Tweetie Bird!  Both the cat and bird were sculpted and those were added by the  artist who hooked it!  Tomorrow, I'll show you my entry along with something I won! 

I actually took a lot of pictures that day but a lot of them turned out dark and disappointing!!  So, I have two more to show you ~ this is Topsy Turvy, designed by Bea Brock of Hill Country Rugs and I had just ordered this pattern from Bea to be picked up at Sauder this summer.  I really like the dark old look of these two roosters.
I love this rug!  The colors are bright and dramatic against the dark background ~ it really was a stand out!  The walls were covered with rugs and all of them good ~  we have lots of talented rug hookers in our area and some of the gals were even from other states!!  I don't think a lot of hooking gets done but there sure is a lot of talking and shopping and comparing notes going on ~ it is a wonderful day of sharing for sure! 
Ours was a busy weekend as usual ~ Friday night we met some of Sonny's old school buddies at a car show in Galion ~ that's where he graduated from ~ he loves car shows so that was right up his alley!!  On Saturday, while I was hooking, he went to great-granddaughter's 2nd birthday party and that night we met his class mates for dinner ~ a once a year gathering now since a lot can change in five years, which is the usual time between reunions.  We had fun ~ I like his friends and their wives ~  it was a good thing!  Sunday, I had yet another open house on the house we're selling here in Lexington ~ not a soul came (it was Father's day for pete's sake) ~ I was lonely ~ good thing I took a book to read!   Sunday night, we went to son Ted's for dinner ~ a really good dinner, too, by the way!  And tonite, we attended 3 ballgames ~ and ate supper from the concession stand ~ woo hoo!  It was fun for us ~ we definitely see a lot of our kids and grandkids ~ and one of the good things is we re-connect with the parents that we sat on the bleachers with oh so many years ago ~ and get to watch our kids' kids play ball ~ it takes us back to what was definitely a more simple time than today.  About another week and a half and life will be back to normal!

I hope your life is 'normal', whatever that is ~  enjoy the life you're living today ~ Bloom Where You Are Planted ~ a little saying on a magnet  on our range hood that tells us to be happy wherever you are in whatever you're doing!  We're making every effort!!  Hope you do, too!


Carol Daugherty said...

Good morning, Alice!!

Love your blog; I really look forward to seeing what you're doing next! You really do lead a wonderful life, you go girl!!
Loved that really colorful rug, who designed it? The colors are just great. Thanks again for sharing....
Carol (I'm almost done with my Sauder rug, from Jule Marie's class)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Carol! Oh, yes, a wonderful life ~ the part you're reading about, yes!!!!! I didn't get the name of the designer or rug hooker ~ if anyone reading, knows ~ please pass that info along!
It has been so long since, Sauder ~ refresh my memory as to which rug you were doing and when it's finished, email a photo and you can see it here on the blog! I haven't touched mine since then ~ it's on my to-do list for sure! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

Unknown said...

Hi Carol, I really look seeing all the different bird house rugs. It is always amazing to me to see how the different colors change the whole look of a rug.
I really like the chicken rug.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Carol ~ my friend, Donna, told me this morning that George Kahnle of Hooked on the Creek rug hooking is the designer of the colorful dog and deer rug. Check the website for contact info!! Thank you, Donna!