Monday, June 7, 2010


 This colorful group of gals came to lunch a couple of weeks ago and wonderful guests they were!  I told them to watch for a picture on my blog and although, it takes me a while ~ here you are, girls!  They came from Mansfield, Toledo, Cleveland and Delaware ~ long time friends who travel far and wide to have lunch together!!  Thanks, girls ~ hope you enjoyed your visit!

Along with a luncheon and home tour, part of their visit  is a tour of our gardens.  Sonny and I worked really hard in the week prior, spreading eleven yards of mulch (which was a mountain of mulch, believe me!) and getting things all spruced up for their viewing pleasure!  This is the garden gate that leads them into the courtyard garden and into the house! To the left, is a gorgeous lantana  ~ very showy!

This is on the breezeway that connects the house and garage ~ a collection of little bell jars around a basket of mixed flowering plants.  That bench is very old ~ it's a corner bench and the seat lifts up for storage. 

An old enamel pitcher filled with peonies and hosta leaves greets our guests as they come in thru the back door ~ 'back door guests are best' you know!
If the front door bell rings, I know they don't know us!  Although it's inviting ~ our friends and family always come in the back door!
The back deck is adorned with flower baskets and ferns ~ I'll tell you a little secret but don't tell a soul!!!  I buy hanging baskets all planted with beautiful combinations of flowers ~ set them in containers and cut off the hangers!!!  Instant color in short order!!  And anyone who knows me, knows I'm always operating against the clock!!  God bless our local greenhouses ~ I know they'll have just what we need!

Our little patch of front yard coming out that front door and the brick walk that leads to the driveway.  Although we have almost 14 acres, it's mostly woods and there really isn't very much grass ~ little pieces of yard here and there!

You probably think how restful and peaceful this area is and how we must enjoy sitting here listening to the waterfall ~ sure ~ yeah, right!  We don't do a lot of sitting but if we did this is where it would be! Hope you enjoy your tour of our yard and gardens ~ there are a couple of more photos that I'll post the next time ~ I thought this was enough to see today!  Come again ~ and if any of our Red Hat guests are reading ~ thanks for stopping by and Vivian (my friend who helps me) and I hope you'll come back, too!


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Such wonderful pictures to share. And I'm with you on the pre-planted baskets. Sometimes, it's just not easy, but also economical. It seems we all have enjoyed weather that put our gardens in very good spirits.
thanks for letting us have the tour as well.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful garden you have. I can see huge amounts of work with great rewards. I am envious.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Alice~ I so enjoyed the pictures of your lovely garden! Sounds like you've been very busy and that group of red hat ladies looked like a grand time! I do that the baskets and put them in containers..great minds think alike! (: enjoy your week!hugs~Kathy