Monday, May 17, 2010


Yes, it was fun, for sure!  We (Mr. Sonny and I) were vendors at the Western Reserve Rug Hooking Guild's hook-in on Saturday. It was at Lake Farm Park in Kirtland ~ a great facility and it looks like a good family place to visit.  There were 100+ hookers there and seven vendors ~ if you couldn't find wool there that you liked then you probably won't find it anywhere!  As-is, off the bolt and hand-dyed ~ all beautiful!  Lots of patterns and beautiful finished wool applique and frames.  The guild really did a great job of planning ~ tables were decorated with pretty salmon color geranium's, the lunch was great, and wonderful Chinese auction gifts.

I must say it was grand day all the way around! Here is the rest of the room ~ I honestly don't think a lot of hooking gets done ~ so many people to visit with and rugs to look at and shopping to do!  There was also a rug show and I can't believe I forgot to snap some photos for you!  There was a great Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern of a woman in a flowery dress ~ and hooked in Deanne's higgelty piggelty style!  And many other great looking rugs in the rug show and on people's frames in the midst of being hooked!  Thanks ladies for inviting me to be part of your day!

This is part of my booth ~ it's spread out everywhere ~ every booth space in every show is different and I never know what to do with all the wool and baskets and crates, etc.  The gals were very complimentary ~ I saw lots of old faces (well, not old ~ just ones I knew) and met lots of new gals as well.  One lady lives probably 5 miles from us and we had to travel two hours away to meet!

The hooking room is almost back in order and I started hooking on a new thing last night ~ that's crazy, I know!  Last year, at a local hook in, we were able to purchase a pattern and wool for a challenge at this year's event.  Well, that's in a month and I hadn't even thought about starting it ~ so, while I was organizing and straightening last night, it came to me that maybe I could put that on the frame and hook a while ~ I hooked till 1:30 a.m. !!!!!  But now, I've got it started and it's gonna be kind of cute!  I'll show you in a month! 

Next week, a group of Red Hat ladies are coming for a lunch and home tour ~ today, a truck load of mulch arrived ~ it seems like I have my work cut out for me getting the outside whipped into shape and planning a fun day for them!  Hopefully, no rain tomorrow so I can begin spreading that beautiful dark mulch around!  Talk to you soon ~


weaverpat said...

Hi Alice,
Your booth looks really nice. Love the fact that they give their vendors such generous spaces!
Isn't it great to get out with sooo many interesting hookers?

Unknown said...

Wow great wool and lots of space.
So much fun going and seeing what everyone is working on.
Have fun, your wool in so nice.

Miccosukee said...

Love your booth and of course, your wool. Can you let us know what the challenge is you are hooking or do we have to wait until it's over? Happy you are selling M. Shaw's patterns. They are so cute and your adaptations were wonderful.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I'm sure the hook-in was great fun. I hope you sold lots of your yummy wool.
Hopefully tomorrow's weather will be better than today for putting down mulch. It's just miserable, wet and cold on Ohio's north coast today.
Pug hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Alice! Sounds like a wonderful time! I wish I had the stamina that you have, that's for sure! I can barely stay awake for the 10:00 news! (: Enjoy your week! hugs~Kathy

Reading up a storm said...

What a treasure to have 100 hook ruggers (I started to write "Hookers") living close enough to meet as a group. Aren't you lucky?

ShabbySheep said...

Alice, Your booth looks great! Lots of stuff!!! I really enjoy looking at hook-in pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

dulcy said...

Oh Alice.... I really enjoyed reading about your hook-in! We had one here in April at the boathouse, and I know what you mean, not much hooking.... but lots of great conversation, shopping, and food. Also, thank for your sweet comment on my recent post about Rosie.


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