Saturday, November 22, 2008


Aren't these the cutest gloves? Actually, they are 'Glittens' ~ a happy combination of a glove and a mitten, done in these crazy colors! I found them in Ligonier, when we were there and you can find them at ~ they have a really cute website!

This week has been spent mostly in the office, getting on top of my invoicing and bill paying. The worker's comp audit went well but he was here two hours and really scrutinized things closely ~ it was routine but it covered the last two years and it's a good thing I'm organized (which it doesn't look like it, but I am) because he had me pulling invoices and insurance certificates for our subs, etc. I was really glad when that was over!!!!!!!

One thing I am very excited about is that I got into Jule Marie Smith's class at the Sauder Village rug show next summer!!! I have wanted to take from her and she'll be right here in Ohio ~ yippee!!! My friends and I always go to the show for the day but we'll be there for the whole week ~ I'll have lots of time to take pictures of the rugs and hook and see lots of people I know!! The day it came online, I was sitting at the computer ready for the 10 a.m. entry ~ me and how many other rug hookers, I don't know!! I was pretty happy when the reply came that I was IN!!! When we went to England a couple of years ago, Jule Marie was on the trip but we didn't get to talk much ~ we mostly saw each other on the bus trips. She is certainly well-known for her borders and color planning and kind of 'out there' approach to hooking, so I'm going to soak up all the knowledge she has to offer!

On Thursday evening, our homebuilders group had their annual auction for charity. Many of us bring things relating to the holidays and after much spirited bidding, builders and suppliers and guests go home with great gifts ~ more importantly, is the help we are able to give the needy families we adopt each year! Happily, we took in over $4000 and that is something in these precarious times! The building industry in our area is no different than anywhere else right now and we are soooo grateful for the outpouring of support we got that night! We ~ Sonny and Alice ~ donated 'Dinner for Six' at our home, prepared by US!! We used to do it every year but took a couple years off ~ it seemed time to resurrect that little event! Well ~ it ended up we are doing three dinners for six ~ at three different times! It turned out a little different than we planned, but it helped garner $1200 for our fund ~ one of them will be in the spring on the deck and one might be at the lake and one is right before Christmas ~ I'll get plenty of blogging material out of all those little dinner parties!!

Sonny just brought in another frame stand he finished ~ yippee ~ he's on a roll! And now ~ I'm taking my coffee and a nice muffin and heading to the hooking room!!! I couldn't be happier ~ I'll turn on Lifetime Movies and have a nice quiet afternoon doing one of the things I love to do most!! Hope you're doing something that makes you happy, too!


JoJo said...

Dinner for six?? Three different times?? My goodness, Alice, you are indeed a glutton for punishment. I do wish, though, that I lived close enough, and was invited, so I could have bid on this prize. How wonderful to be able to see the inside of your home and get dinner to boot!!

By now, I'm thinking that you must be one of these people with boundless energy. The very thought of opening up my home to people I don't really know and feeding them dinner would have me in a complete tizzy. Just the cleaning beforehand would necessitate several days and probably a nervous breakdown along the way.

I'd still love to meet you one day but have the feeling that I'd come away from that meeting feeling that I need to shape up and get busy. On the other hand, I like my quiet, boring life.

It will indeed be interesting to read your blog and see your pictures of these dinners. Congrats to all for raising so much money for a worthy cause.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You know, JoJo ~ you named it right!! Glutton For Punishment!! That should be my new moniker ~ GFP!! You are so intuitive!! I honestly don't have a lot of energy ~ I swear, I think if I give in to it, I'll start growing moss or something so I just dance as fast as I can!!!
Would love to meet you, too!!

Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...that sounds like fun...3 dinners for six. NOT! But, know what? Good for you! And, YAY! on getting into Jule's class. I know others who absolutely adore her and have had a great learning experience with her at camp. And, those 'glittens'!!! Absolutely adorable!!!! I need to check out that website...thanks!

kstehens100 said...

You have a generous caring spirit that I admire. Yet live by example and are in inspiration to many.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I know Jacgue ~ it seems excessive, doesn't it? But we love to entertain and Sonny cooks, too, so that helps immensely! We don't do fancy ~ we think if you feed them good food and make them laugh a little, it's all good!

And in response to kstehens100, I am humbled by your kind words ~ thank you so much. I grew up a poor kid ~ after I was an adult, my Mom told me there were Christmases that the church provided for us or there would have been no presents ~ I have to pass that on in whatever way I can. Actually, our main interest is in seeing that kids have warm coats, boots, gloves and hats so they can get to school and clothes like the other kids, so they aren't set apart in appearance. If possible, we also try to see that there is a present to unwrap ~ something fun that Santa brings! Again, thank you ~