Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just wanted to share with you a picture of this scrumptious pie that I baked for the Thanksgiving dinner ~ type into your web browser Old Fashion Paradise Pumpkin Pie for the recipe! It's a layer of cream cheese filling, a pumpkin layer and topped with a streusel layer ~ yummy! I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to link to the recipe but when the page comes up, look at 'recently viewed recipes' and you can view it there!

Yesterday, Sonny and I took a little field trip to Holmes County Pottery for their Christmas kiln opening. Cary, the potter, makes the most wonderful functional pottery ~ we use ours every day and expect them to last forever! These are the pieces we added to our collection yesterday ~ a pie dish, four small bowls (now I have 12), and four small tumblers. We have dinner plates, dessert plates, soup bowls, wonderful little casserole dishes and some odd little tumblers for wine or water or whatever!! The pottery is located out in the heart of Amish country so it's a step back in time just to drive there.

After we left there, we picked up a niece of mine and took her with us for the rest of the day. Tracy's life is not much fun most of the time and I try to take her out occasionally ~ we went to Charm, a small town that has the largest lumber company/hardware store ever. Sonny takes saws there to be sharpened ~ we dropped him off and then we went to the fabric shop, which until the last few years was lit by kerosene lanterns! They are electrified now and it makes it lots easier to see all the many bolts of fabrics. Next door is a quilt shop with lots of patterns for household things and lots of samples made up to inspire their shoppers. I picked up a pattern and even though Tracy doesn't sew, she had fun looking at all the projects and found a couple little things to take home with her! We went back to Keim Lumber and picked up the old guy and headed for lunch at Grandma's Kitchen, where we stuffed ourselves with homecooked Amish style food!! After dropping off Tracy (she had a great day!), we headed home for what we thought was going to be a quiet evening!! We ended up going out and meeting Sonny's kids for a drink at the local Moose Club and a good time was had by all!

I've spent most of today at this crazy computer catching up on my blog reading ~ not very productive but fun for me ~ and soon we're going to drag out the turkey day leftovers for a little supper! I hope you were able to spend your day doing what made you happy!


Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...that pie looks soooo scrumptious!!! I'll have to go look up the recipe. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you had a good day, yesterday.

JoJo said...

I'm not terribly fond of pumpkin pie but this one looks good enough to jump into. And the pottery is cute. We had a place in Maine that made blueberry pottery that we always stopped at when we drove to Bangor. Loved that place but was never able to afford to buy all of the pieces I wanted.

Wish I could have been with you on your trip to Charm. I LOVE Amish much so that the last time we went to Maine, even though we'd been on the road for 8 hours, after dinner, I made hubby go out and drive the back roads, just looking for an Amish farm. In driving back to our motel, we turned a corner and wham!!! There was an Amish buggy coming right at us! I was so excited, I almost wet my pants!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

JoJo ~ you make me laugh ~ if i wet my pants every time I saw an Amish buggy, I'd have to wear Depends!!! There are a lot of them around us, too! And girls ~ that pie was good ~ worth a try for sure!

Wendie Scott Davis said...


The pie looks amazing, but your post about your day was even moreso. You are a wonderful Aunt and everything you did with your day sounds to me like the perfect way to spend a Thanksgiving weekend.

The pie is different enough that when I make it, my ma-in-law shouldn't feel that I am usurping her. Will definitely give it a try.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Wendie ~ thank you for your kind words ~ all I can say is that I try ~ ~ ~
Let me know how the pie works out for you ~ another thing is that it's not a sickeningly sweet pie ~ just right after a heavy meal!

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