Monday, November 24, 2008

This is little Isabella's rabbit rug ~ she is my one year old great niece ~ last year I hooked a rug for her big sister, Ariana ~ don't they have beautiful names? I had the greatest weekend doing just what I planned to do ~ I hooked all weekend!!!! We didn't even leave the house ~ for us, that's amazing!!! We ate in every night and Sonny fixed a nice omelet breakfast yesterday ~ it was a GREAT weekend!!!

The rabbit rug is Margo White's pattern and perfect for a little child's room. The background color is a muted purple heathery kind of wool ~ it is very pretty yardage but hooked up kind of blah looking. So I pulled out of my strip basket and filled in little places with some textures that blended but yet gave it a little spark. If you double click on it, you can see over the flowers there is a different wool entirely ~ just to break it up and make it look like I ran out of background ~ I love that look in old rugs. You can also see in the close-up that little Isabella is one of the flowers!!! I mentioned before that I copied her picture onto fabric that can be run through the copier and then stitched it into place and hooked up around it. I think it ended up being a cute rug and I know my nephew appreciates the effort for his little girl ~ I don't give many pieces away unless I know it will be well received and this one will be!!!

This is another of Margo's patterns that I hooked some time ago ~ it's way too pastel for me but I thought these were the colors to use at the time. It's going to a great niece's little boy baby since the colors are blue ~ I feel that there's a message in this rug ~ the word BELIEVE and I want her to 'believe' there is something wonderful out there for her and her baby!

One of the things I did over the weekend was add a 'gadget' to my blog. It's the one that lists my favorite blogs in the order they post! I saw it on Trudy's blog and finally got around to doing it ~ it saves a lot of time checking in on what my online 'friends' are doing ~ now, I check when I see they've updated. Aren't these technical guys just so smart?! And I felt pretty darned smart just being able to make it work! Oh, I added 'Fearless Followers', too ~ because I saw on the layout part of blogger that I actually had a follower and I wanted her to be listed ~ so now, friends, you know the truth of it ~ I have one very important follower ~ thank you Jacque!!!! That's it for today ~ enjoy yours!


JoJo said...

Alice, I love the rug you did for Isabella and really enjoyed enlarging it and seeing her picture in the flower. How neat! I also love your "Believe" rug. Your great nieces are blessed that you make rugs for their children.

I had hoped to hook this weekend too but we ended up running all over the place, trying to get everything done for Thanksgiving. And yesterday was spent trying to hang on to my sanity with my son. He's draining every bit of energy from me!!

I'm glad you had a good weekend with Sonny and....I'm a follower now too.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

JoJo ~ Bless your little heart ~ now, I have TWO followers!!!! Thank you ~ thank you!!

Don't let that kid get you down!!

Melody said...

I think the bunny rug is charming... it will be cherished for years to come my friend...

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Miss Melody ~ Thank you ever so much ~ I sure hope so!! You're such a good friend!!

Jacque. said...

Hey Alice...those rugs for the kids are adorable!!! As are their names. I see you have more followers now...YAY!!!

Where in the world is Jefferson City, Missouri said...

I love the way the rug turned out...That would be neat to do all my grandkids on a tree of some sort. Neat Idea.......thanks.

Am back to hooking and loving it....Lyda