Monday, June 9, 2008

This is how we spent yesterday afternoon!!! It was 92 degrees and graduation was outside in the sun ~ fortunately a breeze was blowing or we would have all melted!! The happy graduate is Nick, the oldest of our 10 grandchildren ~ somehow when our kids graduated, I never thought about the fact that we would be on those bleachers again ~ that time rolled around quickly!! The big party was a week ago but we went back to the kids' house for burgers and dogs ~ one last Hoorah!! As for the 2008 glasses ~ they were from New Years Eve and perfect for yesterday!
Sonny and his son went on the fishing trip Friday and Brian won $50 for catching the most fish ~ walleye ~ and took us out to breakfast Saturday with his winnings!! It's a good day when the kids pay the bill!! His wife came up to the lake, too, and we had some fun ~ shopping, and hanging out on the rocks with our friends!
I hooked a bit on Saturday ~ Mr. Catfish is looking good ~ I'll post a picture tomorrow! Now my focus is to get the garden in good shape ~ next week I'm having a Red Hat group for a luncheon and house tour ~ so I have a bit to do to get ready for that affair!! Have a good Monday ~ hope it's not as hot where you are! Alice


JoJo said...

You're one busy woman, Alice. Congratulations to your grandson on his graduation. I'm looking forward to new pictures of Mr. Catfish to see your progress and also loved your pictures of your yard. Want to come and work on mine for a while?

Things have taken a step or two backwards around here but I'm not going to complain. I remind myself of the AA slogan --- One Day At A Time. But progress is very slow and painful - not what I expected.

Keep blogging! I'm enjoying!

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