Thursday, June 26, 2008


This post is to show the progress I made at TWO hook-ins that I went to in the past week!!! Two sets of circles and some background ~ what a hooking whiz I am ~ I'm sure that's what you're thinking!!

But I have to tell you ~ Saturday and Tuesday were two of the most fun days for me!! I told a friend by email yesterday, that I wish she had something in her life that brings her as much pleasure as rug hooking does for me! I met wonderful women ~ saw great creative projects that they were hooking ~ saw two wonderful rug shows of finished rugs ~ and of course, had some pretty good food along with it!! It is uplifting to be around these creative souls, each one with a different perspective on what they're hooking and no doubt, why they're hooking. There were so many beautiful wools ~ so many beautiful colors of wool ~ and so many bright spirits in one room, doing what they love to do!

I saw gals that I hadn't seen in a long while ~ others that I had just been with a few days before. One lady had been battling a serious illness when we first met at a luncheon at our house ~ now, she is cured!!! That was great news! I met a lady who has been hooking for many years and is well known in our area ~ what a pleasure to talk with her and see her being cheerful and happy to be in that place, in spite of the fact that she had lost her husband just six weeks before. Her daughters c0-chaired the event and no doubt they kept her busy and involved with all the details it took to make that day happen!

So ~ no, I didn't get much hooking done at those two gatherings ~ but I had a great time! Tuesday did start out a little hairy since I was driving ~ I missed my exit because my friend, Heidi, and I were engrossed in conversation and when I whipped off at the next exit and jumped back on the freeway ~ oh, well ~ it's too long to tell!! But we made it to the hook-in just in time!!I hope that when a day comes that isn't so much fun, that I can tap into those memories and use all the positive energy that flowed those days to re-create that feeling of joy! I hope you can do that for yourself, as well!!

I'm off to finish laundry, office work, get my face sanded (microdermabrasion!), and get my nails done!! And in my hooking room, I started this fabulous little rug last night ~ can't wait to show it to you tomorrow!! Ta ta for now!