Monday, June 16, 2008


This weekend was a deuzy!! This picture is of my friend and I at our lake place ~ she and I have been friends for 50 years!!!! She and her daughter came for an overnite visit and we laughed and carried on just like we used to!! Good therapy!! We went to school together only one year, but have stayed in contact these many years!
And while I was at the lake having fun, my husband and I became great grandparents!! They planned for her to be born today but nature intervened and the new addition to our family came on Friday the 13th. The father of this little bundle is the young man who graduated last week ~ a new story begins! We wish the best for this new family and hope the universe blesses them and embraces them! They came to our Father's Day gathering yesterday as a surprise for all of us ~ these young gals are resilient! ~ and there was a hush when they set the baby carrier down ~ all the little kids (6 of them) sat on a bench and were quiet like mice ~ it was very cute!!! My husband's son and wife are the new grandparents ~ way too young for such stuff ~ just like me and Grandpa!!! Yikes!!
Saturday afternoon, I drove home from the lake and we went to two graduation parties that evening!! One for a great niece who graduated from college with a dance major and is going to work on a cruise ship as part of the entertainment!! That's pretty exciting as she is hoping for a career in dance and that seems like a good starting point!!
Today I have been to the 'Y' to exercise, and to the greenhouse and now I'm going out to adorn the garden areas with annuals to punch up the color!! Thursday is the day the Red Hats come ~ 20 of them ~ for lunch, and a house and garden tour!! I better get going!!! They'll be knocking on the door before I know it ~ time flies, you know, when you're having fun ~ and I'm having a blast!!!!
Ta ta for now ~ Alice


JoJo said...

Alice, many congratulations to you on becoming a great-grandparent, with emphasis on the "great." But certainly you're not old enough to have a great-grandchild.

You also must be a special person to have a friendship that spans 50 years! It's nice that she can come with you to the lake house and enjoy time with you.

Sounds like you've got another very busy week coming up. Somehow, we manage to get it all done.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

JoJo ~ I can count on you to comment ~ thank you so much ~ at least, I know someone is reading this!! And yes, we are too young to be great grandparents ~ thank you for noticing!!!

It just gets crazier and crazier here ~ maybe I'm a 'crazy magnet' ~ but we like things busy so that's what we got!!! And there's more to come!!!

Hope you're feeling better by now ~ it's a long process for sure!

Maria said...

Hi there miss Alice, Congrats on the new addition to the family! Sounds like you are enjoying your summer and being a wonderful hostess! I love reading your blog! Maria

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Maria ~ thank you so much ~ wish you would come visit ~ I would be a good hostess to you!!!