Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Here is the newest progress report on Mr. Catfish
and he's looking quite dandy, I think!! Sunday night, I spent some latenight time down in my rug hooking room and am happy to say his body is done!!! And I changed the colors in the last set of border circles ~ this is definitely more pleasing to my eye!! I have ten colors to work with and have laid them out in an order that works for me. I hook in each color, in order, and separate them with the black of the border ~ by using 10 colors in the circles of three ~ they look very random ~ but it's like a planned hit-and-miss! My friend, Heidi, taught that to me!
In the previous Catfish post, I inverted the order of the colors and it definitely needed changed ~ I'm not very fond of 'reverse hooking' and when I do, you know it was very necessary! This looks great to me now and I could really get on a roll with this border, if only I had time to sit down and hook!!
In 36 hours , I will be entertaining the 20 Red Hat ladies that my former sister-in-law is bringing to our home! We haven't actually been related for over 28 years, but I like to keep people in my life for as long as they'll have me!! She is bringing her daughter, another former sister-in-law (that I have remained very close to), and my former husband's 92 year old aunt in addition, to the other Red Hat ladies in her group!! I serve them a homemade luncheon, along with the home and garden tour ~ I think they'll have a really good time!! Tomorrow, I'll be cooking up a storm, in between getting these gray hairs colored and going out to supper with some of our lake friends, who are stopping by, and I'll also be putting finishing touches on the outside! Thank goodness, I have a cleaning lady ~ she'll stir up some dust inside for me!!
That's today's story ~ I think I'll put this to bed and myself, as well. I would like to get to the 'Y' early in the morning to continue my commitment to exercise on a regular basis ~ wish me luck!!


bittersweet said...

Rug is coming along quickly. You go girl.
Have fun with the Red Hat gang.Sounds like a wicked bunch of
Take pics of your gardens when you
have a min. i mean in all your spare time. Don't know how you do
it all even with a cleaning lady.
I think i am just lazy. Guess i need some inspiration.
Your house is so great can't stop
talking about it. Love those floors.
Kaye OH

JoJo said...

Mr. Catfish is looking great, Alice. I can imagine you're relieved and pleased to have his body done.

Have fun with your Red Hat ladies and please, send your cleaning lady to me when you're done with her!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks girls ~ if only there was more time to hook, I could really make tracks with that Catfish guy!!! Alice