Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today was a gloomy, rainy day in Ohio. So, including pictures of the garden taken yesterday, when it was absolutely gorgeous outside, is a good way to put that all aside!! The garden is wild! As my husband would say "it's just like you!" Does that tell you anything?? The things I plant spread like crazy, jump from one side of the paths to the other, bloom voraciously, and create quite an interesting sight!! Maybe it is like me!!!!!
Tomorrow is the beginning of the Garage Sale!!! If the number of trips I made hauling our "good stuff" up from the basement and down from the upstairs, is any indication of the success of the sale, it should be a whopper!!!!!! I really didn't give it a serious effort until yesterday and by tonite, I am whipped!! The garage is full and some of the "good stuff" will spill out onto the driveway tomorrow morning!! I forgot to note in my ad that there won't be any early sales ~ eee gadd ~ the serious folks will be here tomorrow morning at 7:30 !!! I hope they bring lots of money!!
In all of the organization books, it always says that cleaning out the clutter brings more order to our lives!! I certainly hope that is true! The closets and the basement storage area have never looked so good ~ I'm excited ~ order in my life is just around the corner!!
By the time I post again ~ all the "good stuff" should be gone and my pockets will be bulging!! I'll let you know.



JoJo said...

Alice, I'm checking your blog like I said I would. Here's hoping your garage/yard sale makes you bunches and bunches of money!

I'm also in awe of your yard/garden. Your pictures are so gorgeous and give me something to stive for in my own yard. Unfortunately, my recovery has had a major setback and it now looks like I'm not going to be making it into the yard this year. But your flowers are stunning!

Keep on blogging so I can keep on reading!
JoJo from Snippets

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, JoJo, what happened? And thanks for the kind words ~ and so far so good with the garage sale! But I haven't gotten rid of near enough stuff!!!
Here's to health and healing for you!!!

Maria said...

I'll attest to Alice being wild!! Wild and Fun!! You are the best....hope you made big bucks at the garage sale. Maria

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice! Hope you have a great garage sale! (More money for woolies!!!) LOL
I'm still hookin' on the Bradley Primitive!!! Whew! But it's such fun!
Hugs, Sunnie : )