Monday, May 12, 2008


I do hope you all had the kind of Mother's Day that brought joy to your heart! We spent a long weekend at our place on Lake Erie ~ I like to call it the "North Coast" (as opposed to the East & West)!! We had fun with our lake friends and my husband got his spring chores done ~ power washing the decks before spider spraying! I watched ~ something I have down to a science!

'Mr. Catfish' rug went along and I did get some hooking time in! It's hard, though, because we're trying to have all the fun we can while we're there! I've included a progress photo which shows that the 'cat' part of Catfish is finished. I'm hooking this entire rug on a 9 cut and using an 8 for the lines of the cat and other details. It makes a rug move along faster, using that wide strip ~ and it would move especially fast if I spent more time at it! This rug is for our lake place ~ I intended it for a hallway that begs for artwork ~ but he might be too spectacular to relegate to the hall! We'll see how it goes when he's finished ~ yikes! I speak of this rug as though it's a person! Is it possible to get over-involved in your rug??

All in all, Mother's Day was a great one! We went to the Moose Club, which is right on Lake Erie, for breakfast with our friends ~ mother's eat free on Mother's Day! Then I hooked and watched Lifetime movies and we headed home late in the day. My son and daughter-in-law had dinner for us and her mom, and grandchildren gave me a half-moon plant hanger for the garden shed and homemade cards. My Seattle son and family sent flowers, another son and wife gifted me with giant chocolate-covered strawberries, and flower baskets were waiting on the porch when we returned from the lake! That was a bountiful Mother's Day ~ I am blessed!

Thursday and Friday, I'm having a garage sale! I have an inordinate amount of 'really good stuff' that wants to go live with someone else! I'm cleaning out all the nooks and crannies and hauling all the wonderful saved stuff out of the basement and fill the garage with bargains! And the rule is ~ whatever is left cannot go back into the house! I'll let you know how it goes!

Have a good week and count your Mother's Day blessings! Alice


dulcy said...

Hi Alice!

Sounds like the perfect Mother's Day! Thanks for checking out my blog and your nice comment. I would love to be added as a link on yours. Can I had yours to mine? Most of my lookers hook and would love to see your work.

dulcy said...

I know I should have previewed first! add instead of had (I should know better, I'm a teacher.....)dulcy

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Doesn't it make you laugh at yourself, when you do something like that?? Yes, by all means, add me or had me ~ whatever works!! Thanks, Dulcy!

Maria said...

Great rug Alice! Love the colors. What will you be working on come November? Maria

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Miss Maria ~ thanks for the kind words and November's a long way away ~ but ~ a little bit I am thinking about the Pineapple Chicken Bus rug ~ just a little bit!!

Unknown said...
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