Sunday, May 18, 2008


The Garage Sale is over and it went really well!! I made an amount of money that more than rewarded my efforts and put a lot of that 'good stuff' in the hands of someone who really wanted it ~ what more could a girl ask for!! Now, we'll put a couple of things at the end of the drive with the 'free' sign on them and find a good place for the rest ~ sadly, some may end up in the trash but I promised 'his honor' (my husband's not a judge, but it makes feel really good when I call him that!) that this stuff wouldn't end up back in the basement! Of course, the things left from my last year's folk art shows will go back into my stock ~ of course!

Included in this post is a picture of Miss Luci and her BoBo (that's me) at her first dance recital, last evening! We think she was the cutest little chicken on the stage! What a wonderful production put on by our local arts academy ~ we just can't say enough about how good it was and how beautiful the costumes ~ a fun evening!!

Tomorrow ~ back to hooking on Mr. Catfish ~ he's begging to be finished!!! Have a great Sunday afternoon ~ Alice


JoJo said...

Well, hello, Alice. Nice to *meet* you! I'm glad to hear your garage sale went well and you made enough money to offset the work and effort involved in doing one of these sales.

Your little granddaughter (?) is adorable. I too have never seen such a cute, little chicken and I love her smile.

You had asked what happened to me. Back on the 7th, I was given permission to start weight bearing and came home from the doctor's office so darn happy. But after 5 weeks in a wheelchair, I had been having some back pain. Anyway, that evening, I completely blew my back out and was dealing with a full blown case of sciatica. For 4 1/2 days, I was literally suicidal from the pain, never having had such intense and horrible back spasms.

I'm now on day 11 and although sitting is still painful, I can once again get to the bathroom and around the house. It's strange because my leg has never been that much of a problem......oh, it's a bit achey but nothing that I would consider painful. But never in my life was I aware of how much and how often your back muscles are involved in everything you do.

So that's my gory story! I'm hoping to be around more, both here and on Snippets, although I've been able to read. It's typing and posting that have been a problem.

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