Thursday, May 22, 2008


Happy Thursday!!
Although it seem's to me that I don't have much progress to report, I am posting what I hooked on Tuesday night ~ late ~ as I watched the Letterman show. The bluegreen area on top of the Catfish with the unfinished area in the middle, took me about an hour and that included cutting. At the first hooking camp I went to, I proceeded to cut up all the wool they gave me and the teacher shrieked when she came by and saw what I was up to!! It makes me laugh when I think about it ~ but now I cut as I go, even though it seems like it slows the process.
We're leaving for our place on Lake Erie this afternoon and instead of packing, I'm posting!! Mr. Catfish will go along and I hope to get some hooking time in. We have so much fun up there with all our 'lake friends' ~ it's like being in college ~ although I didn't do that, it's my perception of that much fun!
Yesterday, an old high school friend who lives in Oregon, came for a visit ~ she looks wonderful and I am proud to call her friend!! She spent the last year dealing with breast cancer and her humor and attitude has put her on the road to recovery ~ she could be the poster child for tackling this head on and then moving on!! Her sister-in-law came along and we had a great day!
The only thing about our visit that made me crazy was ~ I thought they were coming today, Thursday!!! When she called on Tuesday for directions for Weds., I was a little rattled ~ but thanks to my wonderful friend/cleaning lady, who came on an emergency call and the fact that being crunched for time, brings out the best in me ~ we whipped this house into shape and I got some potted flowers set out for color and my wool room straightened up and served them a tasty little brunch!! When they left, Grandpa and I went to a kindergarten concert,then I hopped in the car and drove 50 miles to plant flowers on my parents graves for Memorial Day and was home by 6 p.m.!!! That would be a typical Day In the Life ~ ~ ~ . If my dear friend, Randi, is reading this ~ I hope you don't mind my sharing ~ I love you, Friend!!!
So, off to pack, run some errands, etc. etc. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend ~ Alice


bittersweet said...

I love your garden gate and just
everything about your home and
the setting it is in. Can't wait to
see it again.
I know you are a gracious hostess
and am sure your friend was just
happy to see you.

Maria said...

Only you Miss Alice could pull that off...and be oh so gracious in the process. For anyone that doesn't know Alice...she is a peach of a gal! Maria

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, girls, you are too kind!! Thanks for the kind words ~ kiss, kiss!!! We are at our lake haven ~ went for a nice dinner last night at a lovely restaurant and leaving now for breakfast at a local dive down the street ~ all
with some of our lake
friends of course!! Life is good!!! And I'm so happy to know that someone out there is reading my ramblings!! Thanks again, dollies!!!