Saturday, February 15, 2014


At the Cortez Fishing Festival! This is a huge pan of crawfish that smelled heavenly! We grazed on crawfish étouffée, fried flounder, softshell crab, shrimp, conch fritters, gator bites and hush puppies! So much to choose from and so little time!

Beautiful parrot getting a free ride thru the festival on his owner's shoulder!

Pirate wenches having a fun day!

Beautiful art! Sunrooms Art Furniture ~ if you want to see more, check their website at

Another of their creations ~ we loved their stuff!

A mustang painted to look like a mermaid!

It sits in front of this great looking shop called Sea Hagg!

This is the entrance ~ want to go there sometime!

And this is me drinking something called rumnuts out of coconuts! Such a fun day with our friends Diane and Greg and Dick and Roberta! Dick and Roberta winter in Cortez and were great hosts! We can see why they love it there!

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Tammy Burks said...

Looks like a fun day! I would have had to wear my stretchy pants because I know I would have stuffed myself with all that good food!!!!

Julia said...

By looking at all the smiles, I would say thay you are definately enjoying yourself. Love the pirate costumes... It's even more fun with friends....

The food sounds great as I love sea food but I must admit that I've never had crawfish. I've had plenty of shrimps, lobster and my favorite, scallops and assorted fish. I even had a seafood chowder for supper only I wasn't in a warm sunny climate like you.

I hope that you think of us here at the North Pole. We've had two big snow storm side by side.

Thanks for sharing your fun. Hugs,

weaverpat said...

Oh my, that list of food made me weep with envy!