Saturday, February 22, 2014


The Home Tour Edition of Country Sampler magazine with our home in it, is out! I'm not sure if it's on the newsstands yet, but a friend who receives it by mail, has received hers!!

A copy is waiting at home for us ~ can't wait to see it!! I'm going to check down here to see if I can find it!! The photos were taken a year and a half ago so it's been a long wait!

We're having a restful time ~ the shark teeth hunting is not as productive as past years ~ but we still go to the beach every day to look! We have found more beach glass here than usual so that's a little bonus!!

The beach at our complex is gone ~ the water is right up to the rocks!! So we slug thru the water to get to the beach next to us or walk down the street to a beach access ~ kind of an adventure!!

We've missed a tremendous amount of snow and cold ~ good timing!!

Spring is on it's way!!

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Julia said...

I'll be on the look out for the Country Sampler. I love that magazine even though my house is not decorate in primitive. Thanks for the headsup on this.

Yes, I think that you went South at the right time to escape all the snow. We have lots here and it's melting like Spring. It can't come too soon. I even bought some flower seeds yesterday.

I'm glad that you found some beach glass before the tide went up to the shore.

Happy weekend.

dulcy said...

I'll be sure and check that out Alice! Congrats!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I understand it won't come on the newsstand till march 4 !!

Jacque. said...

Congrats, Alice!

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