Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This beautiful metal sculpture marks the roundabout at Englewood Beach. That's my morning destination and is a mile from our condo ~,then I walk back via the beach!!

This guy stalks the fisherman in front of our condo ~ pretty funny!

Morning yoga ~ over a hundred yogis on the beach every morning!

Lots of umbrellas on the beach!

Yesterday ~ so lucky to see this fellow in the gulf yesterday!

This was how we left home ~ kids gave the limo ride to Sonny for his big birthday!!!!

We've had some great food ~ that's part of our vacation experience. People are saying they gain weight looking at my Facebook posts!! Love to share and hope you can see them on Facebook!

Time to get ready to meet sone Mansfield friends for happy hour!!

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Saundra said...

I'm sure Florida was wonderful after what you just left. Frankly I'm looking forward to spring a lot more lately myself. Enjoy the warmth.


Julia said...

Well, lucky couple to be vacationing in Florida. I hope that the weather is nice while you're there.

How nice that you can walk a mile and back on the beach. I hope that you find some pretty shells and see some unusual things. Don't forget to take your camera.

I hope that you come back to Spring and no snow. I'm loving the warmer weather we're having this week. It's been a beautiful sunny day today. I'm hoping for an early Spring, I can't wait to walk about in the gardens and see what's poking out when the snow is gone. It's a Spring ritual.


Kim said...

It looks wonderful. And I'm enjoying your Facebook food posts ;)

Tammy Burks said...

Glad to see you are having a good time in FL! Got to visit earlier in December and made it to Englewood beach for yoga twice....loved the sunset yoga!

weaverpat said...

We're having an ice storm.
I am soooo envious of that warm weather and sunshine that you are enjoying. It looks Heavenly!
And so does the food.
Enjoy every second!

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

OOO I'm living vicariously through you today it's a snowy icy mess here in Ohio today...enjoy your trip hugs lil raggedy Angie